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The Power Of Humanizing Language – Seth Drayer

On this episode of the Mark Harrington show, Seth Drayer once again fills in for Mark Harrington, and shares the power that simple pronouns can have when humanizing, or dehumanizing the unborn. Seth shares and reacts to two relevant interactions with students from...

Super Bowl Ad Targets Pro-Lifers | Seth Drayer

This week’s episode of the Mark Harrington Show is guest hosted by Created Equal’s Vice President, Seth Drayer. This Sunday the world watched the Kansas City Chiefs beat The San Francisco 49ers in an overtime win in American football. While the game was entertaining,...

Abortion Isn’t In The Bible, Technically | Pro-Aborts of TikTok Episode 7

This is episode 7 of Pro-Aborts of TikTok, the show where 25-year pro-life activist Mark Harrington responds to crazy pro-abortion TikTok videos, debunking the lies, and straightening out the misconceptions. ✔️ Instagram – ✔️...

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Mark Harrington is the Founder and President of Created Equal, a pro-life education, and outreach organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Mark travels to universities across the nation reaching students, inspiring young apologists, mentoring future leaders, and introducing cutting-edge tactics to the pro-life effort.

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“No social reform movement has ever outlawed injustice by covering it up.”

– Gregg Cunningham