4 reasons we need to open the economy now

4 reasons we need to open the economy now | The Mark Harrington Show | 4-16-20

The Associated Press published a crucially important story yesterday – but not for the reasons it may have intended.

While the report focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant women, who are being frightened into abortions, and the abortion facilities that service them, it lays out a compelling case for reopening the economy as soon as possible.

Today, Mark discusses with Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, why opening the economy is pro-life for the vulnerable unborn, and best to fight the COVID 19 virus.

Troy says there are four important reasons why reopening the country would save lives by reducing abortions:

• More women are likely to go through with their abortion decisions than before the pandemic.
• Women who otherwise would not consider abortions are having them out of fear.
• State orders to halt surgical abortions have been largely unsuccessful.
• Abortion facilities are using the pandemic to expand webcam abortions to all 50 states, despite bans on the dangerous abortion pill distribution scheme in 18 states.

Additionally, if businesses don’t re-open soon the economy may crash leading to massive economic hardship for low income women leading to abortion.

• To read more, go to: https://bit.ly/3erroST

However, reports are also coming in from different parts of the country that abortions have been reduced during this crisis. In fact, to date all Texas’s twenty- four abortion centers are not committing surgical abortions because of Gov Abbott’s order (Planned Parenthood has appealed the order to US Supreme Court). As we know some of the centers may never re-open thus saving even more lives.

Additionally, thirty-three states have orders banning non-essential medical procedures. Twelve of those have directly required abortion centers to cease committing surgical abortions. So, many women may hear this news and not believe they can get an abortion thus saving their child.

• See map here: https://bit.ly/3enMrGd

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