5 Takeaways From the 2020 Election? | The Mark Harrington Show | 11-12-20

What if Trump loses eventually? What then? That is what many pro-life conservatives are asking themselves.

On today’s episode, Mark discusses the lessons learned from the 2020 presidential election with Seth Drayer, VP of Created Equal. 

Here are our lessons learned:

  1. We are a sharply divided nation. The mixed bag of a successful Louisiana amendment and a failed Colorado abortion ban demonstrates sharply divided culture. Also, more people voted FOR the LA amendment than voted for Trump, which is a sign there remain some pro-life Dems.
  2. The POTUS does matter. Some Christians argued prior to the election POTUS’s view on abortion didn’t matter because he has little influence over it. Joe Biden has already announced his plan (if inaugurated) to reverse the Mexico City Policy, restore funding to PP, etc.
  3. Statism indicates misplaced faith. The state is the highest authority to secularists, and the ultimate goal is getting their guy in power. Therefore, they were devastated when Trump won and danced in the streets now that Biden may have won. Christians acknowledge higher authority.
  4. The crackdown on conservative voices by BIG TECH has now officially occurred. It is past time to reconsider our dependence on these platforms to educate Americans. Moving to Parler is a short-term fix but does not address the problem of BIG TECH and overall media censorship.
  5. No president is a proxy for changing culture. There is no current political solution for abortion. Even with the addition of Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS Roe is not going to be overturned any time soon. There is no substitute for the consistent proclamation of truth in the public square.

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