A House Divided: How Sexual Revolutionaries Are Undermining the Pro-Life Movement – Guest: John-Henry Westen | The Mark Harrington Show | 5-20-21

Cancel culture is alive and well!

Recently, LifeSiteNews was permanently de-platformed by pro-abortion and LGBT groups (GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign, and NARAL Pro-Choice America) for “false information about COVID-19 that could contribute to physical harm.” Facebook also said that they de-platform Facebook pages that publish “vaccine discouraging information on the platform.”

Big Abortion and Big Tech are colluding to censor pro-lifers, using the well-researched information about coronavirus vaccines as a pretext.

The fact is sexual revolutionaries are leading the charge in censoring pro-life speech. In this episode, Mark discusses how pro-life advocates are undermining our efforts to change culture by welcoming our enemies inside the gates.

Some of the questions that will be answered are:

  • How should we respond?

  • Should pro-life groups create alliances with pro-LGBT groups and individuals to fight abortion?

  • What about Francis Schaeffer’s notion of co-belligerency?

  • How far should we go in developing joint efforts to fight abortion?

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