Abortion at the crossroads: Interview with author Marvin Olasky | The Mark Harrington Show | 4-15-21

The FDA removes restrictions on the abortion pill making mail in abortions available to women and Democrats introduce a bill to expand the US Supreme Court to 13 justices.

The pace of the Marxist takeover is making my head spin!

On this episode, Mark takes discusses what’s gone right for the prolife movement, what’s gone wrong, and what’s to come with Marvin Olasky Editor of World Magazine.

According to Olasky, pro-life Americans over the decades have fought abortion in three ways:

• Tunnel Tom: Elect prolife legislators, pass laws, appoint the right judges.
• Tunnel Dick: Blockade abortion centers, expose abortionists.
• Tunnel Harry: Help women undergoing crisis pregnancies, show them what the beings in their wombs look like, create “a culture of life.”

Among other topics, Mark will also get into the question as to whether women should be prosecuted for abortion.

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