Artificial Womb Factories, Direct Democracy, and the Demise of Christian Civilization

In 2017, scientists created a “BioBag” that functioned as an artificial womb, and they used it to grow a baby lamb. Now, a new concept has been unveiled showing how the same could be done for humans. Soon Ectolife, the world’s first artificial womb facility, will be able to grow 30,000 babies a year.

At first viewing, I thought Ectolife’s video was a trailer for a new sci-fi movie. Sadly, that isn’t the case.

In this film, Ectolife promises to eliminate miscarriage, and infertility and create a super race of humans through genetically modifying babies using artificial growth pods.

At the risk of ruining your holiday spirit, I exhort you to watch/listen to this broadcast. Mark reviews the film and draws out some ominous implications for humanity.

Watch the Ectolife video HERE:

Also, emboldened by their recent wins, a pro-abortion group is drafting language, creating a coalition, and raising money to enshrine abortion in the Ohio Constitution. Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights announced Monday it has formed Protect Choice Ohio, a coalition that is aiming to put a proposed amendment on the ballot on Nov. 7, 2023. 

Mark will unpack the implications for the state of Ohio and the nation of this development.

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