Biden v Trump Debate: Who is the Real Extremist?

On this episode of the Mark Harrington Show, Mark breaks down some comments from the first Trump/Biden presidential debate of the 2024 election season, discusses some of Trump’s ‘trumpisms’ in regards to abortion and points out Joe’s major cognitive decline in the last 4 years.

Mark also reviews a clip from the Faith and Freedom Coalition Trump Speech recently given in Washington D.C. and an outrageous clip from an interview with Kamala Harris and abortion activist Hadley Duvall.


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Mark Harrington (00:00):

The much anticipated presidential debate is over and here are my takeaways.


Well, hello everybody. Thank you for joining me. This is Mark Harrington and you can go to mark to find out more about our podcast. You can follow me on social media and if you do listen to us on our all the popular podcasting platforms, please share our program and if you find merit in it, please leave a five star review. Well today, like a lot of Americans right now are kind of looking back at last night’s presidential debate and I wanted to take some time today to do that. I told my interns and staff leading up to this that it was going to be epic and it was, the buildup to this presidential debate was probably more than what we’ve ever seen I think since we’ve had these televised debates. And the only reason I felt it was going to be that big and most people did is because Donald Trump has been, the Justice Department has brought indictments against him.


He’s now a convicted felon, and then you have the age issue on Joe Biden’s side. So it was epic. In fact, I think it was in 1960 when the first presidential debate happened, and that was John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon, and they attribute Nixon’s loss to that debate because they said Nixon looked like he hadn’t shaved. Think about that. Televised presidential debates do matter. They haven’t recently, but this one certainly did. Joe Biden rolled the dice by doing this in June. He thought that might help him because he felt maybe he needed to kickstart his campaign because he was losing in the battleground states that did not help him. In the end, the rules were set by Biden. That is no audience, and also the mics would be shut off after they got there. A couple minutes to talk. Actually, these rules did not help Biden last night.


Trump was disciplined. He stayed within the rules. He was civil for the most part, and I think it actually helped him. Joe Biden had a week to prepare. I don’t think it would’ve mattered if he had a month or a year to prepare. His cognitive decline is palpable. Everybody who watched, I think, unless they’re just not even paying attention now, knows that his cognitive decline is for real, and I can’t imagine anyone thinking that this man is up to the job for the next four years. I think that a lot of media ran cover for him up until now hoping that he might be able to pull something off last night. Well, it’s too late. It’s too late. So listen, I just want to play one clip and this was the one that’ll go down in history, that torpedoed Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. So go ahead and play this, clip

Joe Biden – Video (03:17):

It. What I’m going to do is fix the tax system. For example, we have a thousand trillionaires in America. I mean billionaires in America and what’s happening. They’re in a situation where they in fact pay 8.2% in taxes. If they just paid 24%, 25%, either one of those numbers, they’ve raised $500 million, billion dollars I should say in a 10 year period, we’d be able to wipe out his debt. We’d be able to help make sure that all those things we need to do, childcare, elder care, making sure that we continue to strengthen our healthcare system, making sure that we’re able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to do with the covid, excuse me, with dealing with everything we have to do with. Look, if we finally beat Medicare, thank you, president Biden, president Trump, he is right. He did beat Medicare, he beat it to death and he is destroying Medicare.

Mark Harrington (04:18):

Oh man, I tell you that is it. It was over right there. That ended it right there. For Joe Biden, not just in this debate, but I think his campaign’s over, it’s just obvious, unfortunately the decline, this man’s cognitive decline. He should have told the American people he wasn’t running for reelection after the 2022 campaign when they took the Republicans did not take both houses. He should have just said, Hey, I’m going to step aside and allow for a new generation of Democrats to take over the reins, and he didn’t and now we’re here. I think that before, I didn’t think Joe Biden would step aside. I thought that he would run through November. I think I’ve changed my mind like a lot of Americans today believe that this man needs to step aside. The question is who’s going to replace him if they do?


I think Kamala Harris is going to be the first choice because she is a sitting vice president. She is a woman. She would be the first woman president and she is African-American. Now, is she capable? No, her polling numbers are worse than Joe Biden’s, but I think that, I don’t know how they get around the fact that they’re not going to let the second in charge in the White House take the position. Gavin Newsom would be my second choice. Gretchen Whitmer has been floated as a possibility. I think we’re going to find out in a couple of weeks. Obviously it’s going to have to happen before the Democrat National Convention, which is in August, so there’s a lot to follow here after last night. It’s definitely Trump’s campaign to lose. Before I thought it was a tossup. I don’t think it is now. I think he will end up being the clear front runner so you can get this kind of analysis all day long.


I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it that Joe Biden is not capable of running the country in a second term, and I think it’s time that the Democrats are likely going to replace him, but I don’t want to talk about that today. What I want to do mostly is talk about the issue of abortion, which is front and center this year. In fact, one of the top issues when Americans are asked, obviously the Democrats think it’s a winning issue. It’s the only issue that I’m aware of that Joe Biden polls better than Donald Trump, and so they made an issue. It was brought up at debate last night and both candidates were asked questions about it. So let’s go ahead and play this clip. It’s a little bit long, but I’m going to go through it each time. I’m going to stop along the way and make some comments. So go ahead and play this clip.

Donald Trump – Video (07:07):

Absolutely criminal.

Video (07:09):

Thank you, president Trump. Danna. This is the first presidential election since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade this morning the court ruled on yet another abortion case, temporarily allowing emergency abortions to continue in Idaho despite that state’s restrictive ban. Former President Trump, you take credit for the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which returned the issue of abortion to the states. Correct. However, the federal government still plays a role in whether or not women have access to abortion pills. They’re used in about two thirds of all abortions. As president, would you block abortion medication?

Donald Trump – Video (07:52):

First of all, the Supreme

Mark Harrington (07:53):

Court stop there. Really good question I have to say. And CNN be honest, was a winner last night if there were winners and losers, Donald Trump was a winner. CNN was a winner, believe it or not. They stayed to the format. They asked good questions, they didn’t interrupt. Like the last time with Chris Wallace in the first presidential election of 2020, I was shocked. They gained a lot of cred last night. Probably saved the network. Alright, go ahead.

Donald Trump – Video (08:25):

First of all, the Supreme Court just approved the abortion pill.

Mark Harrington (08:30):

Wrong. Stop. That is not correct. I don’t know who’s briefing Donald Trump, but he’s wrong on that. The Supreme Court did not approve the abortion pill. The abortion pill is approved, if I recall, back in 2000 long ago, so it’s been legal for 24 years at least. The Supreme Court ruled last week on an abortion pill case, and they basically said that the people bringing the case, which was a bunch of pro-life doctors do not have standing. So it was not a ruling on the abortion pill. So Donald Trump is wrong on that. Go ahead.

Donald Trump – Video (09:14):

I agree with their decision to have done that, and I will not block it.

Mark Harrington (09:18):

Well stop there. He can’t block it Anyway. The president of the United States can’t block rulings from the Supreme Court, so it’s amazing how much they either don’t understand what’s going on or I just don’t get it. They’re not getting briefed properly, but he knows that. He knows that a Supreme Court ruling, he can’t touch, he can’t block it. The only thing he can do is through the US Congress or as an executive order. Neither one of those are going to Trump like the pun. Trump a Supreme Court ruling. Go ahead

Donald Trump – Video (09:52):

And if you look at this whole question that you’re asking, a complex but not really complex. 51 years ago you had Roe v. Wade and everybody wanted to get it back to the states. Everybody without exception, Democrats

Mark Harrington (10:05):

Stop there. I mean, this is one of those trumpisms, right, everybody. This is the greatest economy. He basically exaggerates on everything. That’s just how he is. But it’s not true that everybody wanted Roe v. Wade overturned. There were some liberal scholars who did obviously almost every conservative scholar or constitutionalist thinks it should have been reversed, but not everybody go ahead,

Donald Trump – Video (10:38):

Liberals, conservatives, everybody wanted it back. Religious leaders, everybody. And what I did is I put three great Supreme Court justices on the court and they happened to vote in favor of killing Roe v Wade and moving it back to the states. This is something that everybody wanted. Now, 10 years ago or so, they started talking about Trumpism and how many this getting into other things, but every legal scholar throughout the world, the most respected, wanted it brought back to the states. I did that. Now the states

Mark Harrington (11:08):

Stop here just real quick. The split screen. Look at Biden, it’s unbelievable. He looks like he doesn’t even know where he is, and that happened all night long. That split screen did not help Joe Biden, go ahead, continue on

Donald Trump – Video (11:27):

How the states are working it out. If you look at Ohio, it was a decision that it was an end result that was a little bit more liberal than you would’ve thought. Kansas, I would say the same thing. Texas is different. Florida is different, but they’re all making their own decisions right now and right now the states control it. That’s the vote of the people like Ronald Reagan.

Mark Harrington (11:47):

Stop there now. He’s right that it is given back to the states and it is the vote of the people that will decide. That’s what we’re seeing in the last two years. State constitutional amendments were zero for seven. On the pro-life side, you’re seeing legislatures in red states restrict or ban abortion altogether. You’re seeing legislatures in blue states expanded up to the very moment of birth, and then you have the constitutional amendments. This is true, this is what’s going on. But the idea that we’re going to leave this to the people to decide, it’s not a final conclusion to all of this. We don’t make murder up to the people to decide, and the right to life is a fundamental right. It’s enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and it’s foundational for all other rights. It’s not up to a vote. Friends, and when the Supreme Court reversed or overturned Roe, they gave it back to the states, they should have gone farther and recognized that that word person of the 14th Amendment protected the unborn. And that should have done it for all 50 states, but they didn’t go that far. Of course, Clarence Thomas felt that they should, but Donald Trump, he’s saying the facts of the matter. That is that it is up to the people to decide, but the problem with all of this is that that’s not where this has to end. And Joe Biden later on makes that point quite well. Go ahead and continue on.

Donald Trump – Video (13:25):

Like Ronald Reagan, I believe in the exceptions. I am a person that believes, and frankly, I think it’s important to believe in the exceptions. Some people you have to follow your heart. Some people don’t believe in that, but I believe in the stop.

Mark Harrington (13:38):

Here’s the thing, we’ll get to this, but Ronald Reagan did sign a law that allowed abortion was illegal in California. I think it was 1967. He did sign a bill that expanded abortion to allow for rape and incest in life of the mother exceptions. Later on and not much later on, he regretted it and he came out and said he regrets doing that because that opened the door to legal abortion and to the idea that this went up to the US Supreme Court. So Ronald Reagan did sign a law, a bill that did expand abortion in California to include rape and exceptions in the life of the mother, but that doesn’t mean that he believed in it. In fact, he retracted his views of that not long after the idea that rape and incest exceptions should be acceptable as a pro-life candidate is something that none of us in this side of the ledger that is the anti-abortion side agrees with.


We disagree with Donald Trump on this. A lot of pro-life politicians and those running for office do not hold to rape and incest exceptions. Some do, but I’m not going to go into why they’re wrong. I think we all should understand that because no child is an exception and it doesn’t matter how they are conceived either through love or through an act of violence. It doesn’t change the humanity of the unborn. But Donald Trump is taking the rape and incest position because he feels like it’s a pragmatic one and he wants to win elections, and he has basically made that estimation politically. Go ahead and continue on

Donald Trump – Video (15:24):

Believe in that, but I believe in the exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. I think it’s very important. Some people don’t follow your heart, but

Mark Harrington (15:34):

Follow your heart. Stop there. Follow your heart. I don’t want people to follow their heart on issues like this. Fundamentally, abortion is murder. It’s the taking of a human life, innocent human life. Don’t follow your heart on that. Uhuh. It should be against the law should be outlawed in all 50 states. How we get there, well, that’s the process we’re in right now. Go ahead

Donald Trump – Video (16:00):

And because that has to do with other things. You got to get elected. The problem they have is they’re radical because they will take the

Mark Harrington (16:08):

Life. This is where he gets good by the way. He turns the corner and aims his rhetorical guns at the Democrats. Go ahead.

Donald Trump – Video (16:16):

The life of a child in the eighth month and ninth month and even after birth, after birth, if you look at the former governor of Virginia, he was willing to do this. He said, we’ll put the baby aside and we’ll determine what we do with the baby, meaning we’ll kill the baby. What happened is we brought it back to the states and the country is now coming together on this issue. It’s been a great

Mark Harrington (16:37):

Thing. Well, that’s not true. They’re not coming together. We have the divided states of America on abortion. We got abortion free states and we have abortion havens. We’ve got probably 12 constitutional amendments on the ballot in November. Who knows how they’re going to shake out? We are entering into a period of time where we have a divided nation like we did on slavery where we had free states and slave states. That’s where we’re going to end up here. Before long. Go ahead and continue on. That’s not unity. That’s not coming together. By the way. Go ahead and continue.

Joe Biden – Video (17:10):

It’s been a terrible thing what you’ve done. The fact is that the vast majority of counselors and scholars supported ROE when it was decided supported roe. And this idea that they, they’re all against it is just ridiculous. And this is the guy who says the state should be able to have it. We’re in a state where in six weeks you don’t even know whether you’re pregnant or not, but you cannot see a doctor. Have your and have him decide on what your circumstances are, whether you need help. The idea that states are able to do this is a little like saying we’re going to turn civil rights back to the states.

Mark Harrington (17:43):

Stop there. Good point. I mean, you got to hand it to Joe Biden here. He’s exposing the error in the idea that we want to give it to the states to decide this. We wouldn’t do it with civil rights. We shouldn’t do it with abortion. So actually this is one of his strongest points of the entire night. Go ahead.

Joe Biden – Video (18:01):

Different rule. Look, there’s so many young women who have been including a young woman who just was murdered and idea that she was murdered by an immigrant coming in. They talk about that. But here’s the deal. There’s a lot of young women to be raped by their in-laws, by spouses, brothers and sisters. It’s just ridiculous. And they can do nothing about it, and they try to arrest him and they cross state line. Thank

Video (18:32):


Mark Harrington (18:33):

Stop there. Hold on. Well, I don’t get it because Donald Trump just said he is for the exceptions. Why is Joe Biden bringing them up? Most of these laws have those exceptions in them. Go ahead and continue on.

Donald Trump – Video (18:48):

There have been many young women murdered by the same people. He allows to come across our border. We have a border that’s the most dangerous place anywhere in the world. Consider the most dangerous place anywhere in the world. And he opened it up and these killers are coming into our country

Mark Harrington (19:03):

Now. He’s talking about immigration.

Donald Trump – Video (19:04):

They’re raping and killing women and it’s a terrible thing as far as the abortion’s concerned. It is now back with the states. The states are voting in many cases. It’s frankly a very liberal decision. In many cases. It’s the opposite, but they’re voting and it’s bringing it back to the vote of the people, which is what everybody wanted, including the founders. If they knew about this issue, which frankly they

Mark Harrington (19:26):

Didn’t stop. That’s hilarious. I mean, the founders, if they knew about this issue, how would he know? Just kind of This is typical Trump speak. Go ahead.

Donald Trump – Video (19:37):

But they would. Everybody wanted brought back. Ronald Reagan wanted it brought back. He wasn’t able to get it. Everybody wanted it brought back, and many presidents had tried to get it back. I was the one to do it. And again, this gives it the vote of the people and that’s where they wanted it. Every legal scholar wanted it that way.

Video (19:56):

Staying on the topic of abortion, president Biden seven states, I’ll let you do that. This is the same topic. Seven states have no legal restrictions on how far into a pregnancy a woman can obtain an abortion. Do you support any legal limits on how late a woman should be able to terminate a pregnancy? I support

Joe Biden – Video (20:15):

A role

Mark Harrington (20:16):

Ahead. Stop here. By the way, another good question by CNN, asking Joe Biden if he has any limits on abortion because the Democrats don’t. They’ve been clear about that. But go ahead and pull this clip,

Video (20:30):

Able to terminate a pregnancy. I

Joe Biden – Video (20:32):

Supported Roe v. Wade, which had three trimesters. The first time is between the woman and the doctor. Second time is between the doctor and an extreme situation. The third time is between the woman in the state. The idea that the politicians,

Mark Harrington (20:50):

This is just mind boggling, that neither one of these candidates really understand the issue. I wonder if they understand any of the issues, to be honest with you very much. And how can we not do better than these two? That’s beside the point. The fact is that Joe Biden’s wrong on this. Roe v. Wade created the three trimesters. First, second, and third, I’m sorry, Roe allowed for abortion in the first trimester. Unrestricted dovey Bolton allowed for abortion in the second and third for health reasons. And those can include those reasons include emotional, familial, physical, psychological. And that’s where the courts interpreted it sometimes to basically make it legal up to birth. And Doy Bolton, the states were given some leeway when it came to protecting what they call potential life. So Joe Biden’s completely wrong on Roe V. Wade and the trimesters and all that. But go ahead and continue on

Joe Biden – Video (21:59):

Idea that the politicians, that the founders want the politicians to be the ones making decisions about women’s health is ridiculous. That’s the last, no politician should be making that decision. A doctor should be making those decisions. That’s how it should be run. That’s what you’re going to do. And if I’m elected, I’m going to restore Roe v. Wade.

Mark Harrington (22:17):

Okay, stop there. Now restoring Roe v. Wade, that’s not what they’re doing. In fact, they want to expand it. The Women’s Health Protection Act, so-called, that’s been introduced in Congress, expands abortion beyond what Roe allowed for. There’s no limitations on it. So he’s not restoring Roe v. Wade. He’s trying to expand it. Go ahead and continue on.

Donald Trump – Video (22:39):

That means he can take the life of the baby in the ninth month and even after birth because some states, Democrat, run, take it after birth again, the governor, former governor of Virginia put the baby down.

Mark Harrington (22:51):

He’s caught on tape. I

Donald Trump – Video (22:52):

Mean, so he’s willing to, as we say, rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month and kill the baby. Nobody wants that to happen. Democrat or Republican. Nobody wants it to happen.

Mark Harrington (23:04):

Stop there. Now he is channeling back to, what is it, 2016 in that epic debate with Hillary Clinton when he basically said late term abortion, ripping the baby out of the womb in the ninth month. That was a mic drop moment in 2016. So he’s using some of that same language this time around, which was a very effective in 2016. It’s very effective right now. And he’s turned the corner here and he’s aiming at the Democrats as being the extremists, which they are on abortion. It’s not the pro-lifers, it’s the Democrats, the pro-abortion people who are the extremists. They do want to expand abortion. They don’t want limitations and they want you to pay for it with your tax dollars. So Donald Trump, this is a big win in the debate right here, turning the corner and painting them out to be Democrats, to be the extremist. Go ahead and continue on.

Joe Biden – Video (24:01):

That is simply not true that Roe v. Wade does not provide for that. That’s not the circumstance. Only woman’s life is in danger. She’s going to die. That’s the only circumstance once that can happen. We’re not true.

Mark Harrington (24:13):

Roe v. Wade did not do that. Like I said, it allowed for abortion in the third and second trimester in the Do Bay actually dovey Bolton for health reasons. Go ahead and didn’t hear

Joe Biden – Video (24:24):


Donald Trump – Video (24:27):

Under Roe v. Wade, you have late term abortion. You can do whatever you want depending on the state. You can do whatever you want. We don’t think that’s a good thing. We think it’s a radical thing. We think the Democrats are the radicals, not the Republicans.

Mark Harrington (24:40):

It is true that late term abortion is legal up to birth. That doesn’t mean a lot of ’em happen that late. But in New Mexico, California, New York, Illinois, there are no limits on abortion. And that happened under Roe v. Wade and it’s happening now. Go ahead,

Joe Biden – Video (24:57):

Supreme Court. He takes credit for taking it away. What’s he going to do? What’s he going to do? In fact, if the Mag Republicans, he gets elected and the Mag Republicans control the Congress and they pass on universal ban on abortion period across the board at six weeks or seven or eight or 10 weeks, something very, very conservative. Is he going to sign that bill? I’ll veto it. He’ll sign it. Thank you.

Mark Harrington (25:21):

Alright, we can stop there. I think again, Joe Biden was strong there at the end asking what Donald Trump would do on a federal ban on abortion. And Donald Trump has basically avoided that question altogether. I don’t think he should. He’s just saying it should be a state’s issue and basically says he’s not going to do anything as president. Obviously I disagree with that. I think there’s a federal role and always has been and should be. President of the United States can do a lot. He can use the executive branch to reign in abortion. He can help pass legislation in the US Congress. He can appoint nominate Supreme Court justices that would uphold Dobbs. So there’s a lot he can do. Eventually we’ve got to get to the federal government, and I think either there’s going to be a constitutional amendment establishing or reaffirming the rights of personhood for the unborn and the 14th Amendment or the Supreme Court’s going to see that and affirm that.


So that’s eventually where we need to end up. But that was last night’s debate on abortion. I do want to switch gears real quick here and just show you another clip that in which Donald Trump was addressing evangelicals, and I believe it was, I’m not sure. It was in Atlanta. Oh, it was in Washington. Sorry. And this was the Faith and Freedom conference. This is Ralph Reed’s group. I believe this was last week. And if you wonder whether Joe Biden and Donald Trump are different on abortion, because a lot of people say, oh, there’s not a lot of difference between them. There is just watch what happened there. I think you can tell that Donald Trump is going to be better on abortion than Joe Biden. I don’t think there’s any question in our minds. Are we happy with Donald Trump’s position on abortion? No. Not necessarily rape and incest exceptions.


No. That he says it’s only a state’s issue. I’m not satisfied with that, but it’s far better than Joe Biden. And so it’s a binary choice pretty much this time around. So we have to make our decisions based on that. One of the things I’ve wondered is this whole weaponization of the justice system against the Biden regimes political enemies. And we have seen recently, and I’ve reported on it here on the program, where my friends, some of my fellow activists in the pro-life movement have been imprisoned and right now sit in jail in prison because of their peaceful pro-life activities at abortion centers in the violation of so-called the Freedom of Access Clinic Entrances Law. Donald Trump has never come out and said he would pardon them, but this is as close as it gets. And I think this is another thing that we ought look at in evaluating whether we’re going to vote for Donald Trump or whether we really see a distinction between him and Joe Biden on abortion.


The fact that he even brings this up now, of course, it’s too evangelical. So it is a friendly crowd and he is serving them some red meat, if you will. But the idea that he is going to review these cases is a good thing because the Justice Department is being used against pro-life activists, peaceful pro-life activists and others who are against the regime. And if Joe Biden gets back in it’s open season on pro-lifers, including created equal other groups like that possibly. So go ahead and play this clip. I think it’s another important statement by Donald Trump in his pro-life position. Go ahead and play this clip

Donald Trump – Video (29:02):

By contrast. Joe Biden is weaponizing the Justice Department to viciously persecute, pro-life activists and Americans of faith. Just last month, the Biden, DOJ got Paula Harlow, a 75-year-old woman in poor health, sentenced to two years in prison for singing outside of a, she was singing

Mark Harrington (29:23):

Well, she was sitting and

Donald Trump – Video (29:25):

Trespassing. She was singing beautifully outside of a clinic and fearing he was inside in prison. Her husband pleaded with the judge for mercy and even asked to be thrown in prison with his wife. And the judge responded by mocking their religion, he was mocking their religion. I wonder who that judge is. Paul is one of many peaceful pro-lifers who Joe Biden is rounded up sometimes with SWAT teams and thrown them in jail. Many people are in jail over this. This is just crazy. We’re going to get that taken care of immediately. First day.

Mark Harrington (29:57):

That’s a strong commitment. Sounds like he’s going to pardon them,

Donald Trump – Video (30:01):

But let’s call these brave Americans. What they really are. It’s persecuted Christians. That’s what they are. They’re persecuted.

Mark Harrington (30:08):

It’s true political prisoners, no doubt about it. So again, here, another reason why I think as Christians and pro-lifers, we got to vote for Donald Trump. Not a big fan overall, the guy, but hey, he’s who we have. He’s the one that’s going to have the most likelihood of winning the White House and therefore he can do some things as president that slow down this march over the cliff in our country. And when it comes to abortion. Now the alternative is Joe Biden or maybe someone else, and I submit to you, I think it’s Kamala Harris, as bad as she is in front of the camera and she babbles and all that, and her popularity is in the tank. She is a sitting vice president. She’s female and African-American, and I expect that they are likely going to turn to her. Now, I could be wrong, but if they do, we need to know her position also. And so if you would, Mr. Producer, cue up this clip. This is Kamala Harris speaking on abortion and asked on M-S-N-B-C, go ahead and play this clip

Video (31:19):

And Hadley miscarried if she had needed care for that today, depending on where you live, you may not get it. It’s been two years now since Roe was overturned and now we’re dealing with the raw reality of that, which is women bleeding out in lots,

Mark Harrington (31:37):

Stop. Women are not bleeding out. If they were, that would be front page, it would be national news on all the cable news channels. It’s just not happening. What a lie. Go ahead

Video (31:50):

On bathroom floors.

Mark Harrington (31:53):

I’m curious. Yeah, they might be doing that because they’re taking the abortion pill.

Video (31:57):

What your thoughts were when Roe was overturned and now what we do with the cases before us like Idaho, if the Supreme Court goes with the state,

Mark Harrington (32:08):

Which by the way, stop, this was taped before the Supreme Court ruled on the Idaho case, and again, the Idaho case, Supreme Court just punted it back to Idaho. They didn’t even rule on it. So it’s all fear mongering. Go

Video (32:24):

Ahead. Are women going to be able to get abortion care and ERs in Idaho? Listen first. Are there going to be any other options

Mark Harrington (32:31):

Currently? Yes, the answer is yes. Currently yes, because the Supreme Court did refuse to rule on the merits of that case. Go ahead. And

Video (32:39):

Highest court in our land just took a fundamental right that had been recognized from the people of America, from the women of America to make decisions about their own body. Stop.

Mark Harrington (32:52):

It was never recognized from the people of America. Nobody voted on it. Nine unelected judges established the right to abortion of the Constitution. It doesn’t exist. The words aren’t there. They made it up. Go ahead.

Video (33:07):

The notion of it all that in this year of our Lord 2024, the highest party of the United States of America would take such a fundamental freedom from its people and understanding that this is not just a matter that is for debate and discussion and intellectual conversation. The real harm that has occurred every day in America since that case was decided and these laws are being passed. To your point, we know the stories about women seeking care because they’re going through a miscarriage and being turned away by an emergency room because the physicians afraid they’re going to be put in jail in a state like Texas. They provide

Mark Harrington (33:49):

Miscarriage is protected all across the

Video (33:52):

Country, healthcare provider doing their job. And I think that when you look at this issue, most people agree you don’t have to abandon your faith. You don’t have to abandon your faith or

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No, stop here. No, you don’t have to abandon your faith per se, but you do abandon God. Scripture’s clear. Thou shall not murder. Thou shall not shed innocent blood. We establish that the unborn are human abortion’s, murder. It takes the life of an innocent human being. And if you are pro-abortion, you are abandoning God, the God of the scriptures. Now, you might have some made up faith that isn’t Christian or maybe it’s some other religion or what, and you don’t have to abandon it in that case, but you are abandoning the God of the scriptures. Go ahead

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To agree. The government should not be telling women what to do with their bodies if they choose.

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Stop. This is the old tired out rhetoric of the pro-choice people that government’s trying to restrict women’s reproductive healthcare and their rights to their own bodies. We know that the unborn is a separate body residing and growing inside the mother’s womb and deserves protection. It’s not her body, it’s not a part of her body. It’s a separate body. This is a lie that they’ve been telling for 50 years. I think people understand what’s going on, but yet they continue using it. Go

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Ahead, consult with their priest, their pastor, their rabbi, their imam priest

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Imam, but not the

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Government telling women what to do.

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It’s just crazy. The tells people what to do in all kinds of situations. That’s what law is. And law restricts people’s freedom in some way or the other. That’s what it does. That’s what it’s intended to do. It’s a restrainer against wrongdoing. So the idea that we can’t have laws that protect people from killing one another again, would not pass the smell test if it weren’t for this issue to which we dehumanize, they do dehumanize the unborn so that they are a non-person and therefore they can be killed. So the reason I bring up Kamala Harris is because I think she might well be turned to be the nominee of the Democrat party. Now, after what happened in the debate presidential debate with Donald Trump, we have one last clip, and this is from the same interview on M-S-N-B-C. And the moderator here, or the host turns to this abortion activist, Hadley Deval. So go ahead and play this clip. This is nauseating as well, but go ahead

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So much. If you have a woman in your life that means something to you, her life is at stake. It does not matter.

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How is her life at stake? I don’t see women dying. The sky’s not falling. Rose overturning. Women are not dying. Have you noticed? If you want an abortion, you can get one in the United States. You can cross the border, you can order the abortion pill by mail. The Supreme Court allowed the FDA rules to stay in a place. This is all just a bunch of pack of lives. Continue on.

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She is 12 9 34 9. It really does not matter. If there is a woman who is in that reproductive age, then her life is at stake during this election. And it does not matter if

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It didn’t sound like Donald Trump’s taken away women’s lives when he said, we’re going to leave it up to people to decide and vote on these in the states. That didn’t sound like it to me, but go ahead.

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The Democrat in your life, it’s get off your high horse. Because women, we don’t get to choose a whole lot and you have to choose

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Who you can vote. What don’t you get to choose? This is just beyond belief. You have the right to vote. Women are holding all kinds of high places and government and business all across America. So maybe there’s still work to be done there, but there’s been huge advances in legitimate women’s rights. Go ahead.

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And there is a lot of things that need to be worked on and we can’t get it all done. But at the very least we could get out of women’s business when it involves their healthcare. And I’ve always said, I’m pro minding your own business. Live your religion.

Mark Harrington (38:45):

Why don’t you mind your own business and not have a position on abortion? Then why don’t you not tell others what they should do and how they should vote? If you want to mind your own business, they want it both ways. They have a double standard. That’s how it works, right? Also, she keeps saying, women, what is a woman in today’s culture? In the left, politically speaking, they can’t even define a woman. So I don’t know. This is the type of rhetoric that somehow passes for a good argument, unfortunately, with certain portions of the American public. Anyway, I just thought I’d bring these things up. I think that Joe Biden is on the way out. I think Kamala Harris might be taking the nomination come August because of Joe Biden’s performance last night. I could be wrong. Maybe they’ll stick with him. I don’t know.


We’ll see how the polling is in the coming days as a result of this presidential debate and whether it has anything, any bearing on that. But anyway, I think it’s clear as to who’s more pro-life than the other. I think that’s important and we need to consider that as we’re going to the polls here in November. Well, anyway, I just wanted to give you my take on the presidential debate, and hopefully this is helpful in trying to discern and navigate the candidate’s positions on a key issue. And I think one of the most fundamental issues that we face as Americans, and that is the right to life. Are we going to protect the most innocent among us or not? A nation that does not do that, does not have a future. So thanks for joining me. We’ll see you next time. God bless you. God bless America, and remember America to bless God.

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