BREAKING: ACLU drops lawsuit against 7 Texas Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn | The Mark Harrington Show

The ACLU has withdrawn its lawsuit against seven cities in Texas that have enacted ordinances outlawing abortion within city limits. Each of these seven cities has also proclaimed itself a Sanctuary City for the Unborn, joining a movement that is spreading across the state of Texas. The ACLU’s decision to withdraw its lawsuit comes less than three months after it sued these cities over their decision to ban abortion within city borders.
On Today’s show Mark interviews Mark Lee Dickson of Right to Life of East Texas, who drafted the ordinances and is leading the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn movement.
As expected, these strong and enforceable ordinances have successfully withstood legal scrutiny. Dickson says that the ACLU’s decision to withdraw its lawsuit means that other cities can enact these ordinances without fear of an adverse court ruling. Dickson promises that more cities will enact sanctuary ordinances in the months ahead.
If you would like to see your city pass an ordinance outlawing abortion within your city limits, go to:
Your city may just be the next Sanctuary City for the Unborn.
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