BREAKING: Nebraska city becomes 24th Sanctuary City for the Unborn | The Mark Harrington Show | 4-8-2021

The life-saving effort to ban abortions at the city level is spreading across the country.

On Tuesday, the village of Hayes Center became the first in Nebraska to pass a Sanctuary for the Unborn ordinance and the 24th in the nation. Twenty-three cities in Texas have passed enforceable ordinances outlawing abortion within their city limits. This means that, by city ordinance, babies can never be murdered by abortion in any of these cities because abortion is banned.

As we continue to see dysfunction and corruption in Washington, D.C., and in our state houses, unborn babies are still dying by the thousands.


On today’s show, Mark interviews Mark Lee Dickson of Right to Life of East Texas who drafted the ordinances and is leading the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn movement.

If you would like to see your city pass an ordinance outlawing abortion within your city limits, go to:

Your city just may be the next Sanctuary City for the Unborn!

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