Bypassing Big Tech | The Mark Harrington Show | 9-11-19

The writing is on the wall. Big Tech is lowering the boom on pro-life advocates. However, the good news is rather than complain about being censored by the Big Tech gate keepers, Created Equal is taking our message to the public square. We will not allow the fake news media or Big Tech outfits like Facebook and Google to cover up the radical pro-abortion extremism of the current Democratic presidential candidates.

• Video: “This conversation changed everything!”

The fact is, consensual methods of educating the American people on abortion are doomed to failure, because most people will simply opt out of being educated. However, with the use of our Jumbotrons, mobile billboards, and innovative campus outreach displays, we force pro-abortion advocates to react to us instead of reacting to them.

Created Equal bypasses the fake news media’s cover-up and takes the TRUTH about radical pro-abortion extremism directly to the American people in the public square … and especially on college campuses where the abortion industry has such a stranglehold on the “marketplace of ideas.”

Earlier this week we displayed abortion victim videos on our Jumbotron and photos on our signs on Texas college campuses. We visited UT Dallas, Texas A&M, and the University of Houston. Today, we are protesting the presidential debate at the Texas Southern University.

Our conversion rate using abortion victim videos and pictures is 67%.

We are controlling the message by going directly to our target audience.

On today’s show, Mark speaks to Michael Lockwood, who is a student at the University of Texas at Dallas.

In the next several months we will visit campuses in Michigan and Georgia.

Please listen, watch, and share.

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