Celebrity Mania | The Mark Harrington Show | 10-31-19

Does Jesus need celebrities to help spread the Gospel? Do pro-life advocates need former abortionists and “rock star” speakers and personalities to advance the pro-life message? Or, is the consistent and faithful proclamation of truth enough to change hearts and minds?

By now, of course, we all have seen the news of singer and producer Kanye West coming to faith in Jesus. Like most of us, I am thrilled for Kanye and his family. I join millions of Christians in looking forward to seeing how God might use Kanye’s huge platform to advance God’s kingdom.

On today’s show, Mark uses scripture to discuss the need to proceed with caution when elevating new converts to Christian leadership position.

In Matt 13, Jesus shares a story about the seed and the soil in which he warns against false conversions. Christian history is replete with examples of men who have fallen away after being given too much notoriety too soon. We should not be so desperate for a Christian witness that we compromise what the bible says about the requirements of leadership.

For example, pro-life leaders have made mistakes in in the past by elevating new converts to positions of leadership. Although Christian celebrities are not necessarily Christian leaders in the true biblical sense, we need to heed the admonition that our leaders should “not be a new convert.” I Tim. 2-6

We need to avoid the extremes of immediately putting men like Kanye on a pedestal and discounting the powerful work of God in bringing men to Christ.

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