Conceived in Rape, Targeted for Abortion – Guest: Rebecca Kiessling | The Mark Harrington Show | 5-6-21

Rebecca Kiessling appears on The Mark Harrington Show to share an incredible story of hope, love, and God’s grace. Rebecca was conceived in rape, targeted for abortion, and now lives to speak for those who are vulnerable.

She has helped pregnant rape victims all around the world to choose life for their children. She’s also an attorney, wife, and mother of 5 (two oldest are adopted). She lost 2 additional babies to miscarriage, as well as her 33-day-old adopted daughter Cassie, who was born with special needs.

On the show, Rebecca deals with some of the “hard cases” regarding abortion, such as the rape and incest exception.

Also, as an attorney and a “no exceptions” anti-abortion advocate, Rebecca supports Heartbeat Bill legislation. Mark will quiz her as to why.

To watch and listen to her reasoning, go to:

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