Corona Virus Silver Lining

Corona Virus Silver Lining | The Mark Harrington Show | 3-19-20

Is abortion an elective or non-essential medical procedure? If so, then why do abortion mills remain open?

During the Trump Corona Virus press conference yesterday government officials asked health care providers to cease performing all elective medical procedures. Obviously, this should include abortion providers. But will it?

If abortion is health care, as the abortion industry claims, this is an opportunity for them to act like it and close. Of course, we know that they will want to have it both ways

We need to force the federal and state governments to be consistent and not treat abortion facilities differently than other health centers. They say that abortion is health care. They say abortion clinics are health centers. However, when they are held to the basic health standards, they fight those regulations.

There could be a silver lining for the preborn in the Corona Virus tragedy. Here is some good news reported by the HuffPost:

From the article:

“If a provider gets sick, that’s one fewer person to provide care,” said the Very Rev. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, president of the National Abortion Federation. “One or two people unable to show up can make the difference between a clinic being able to function or not.”

“We worry that all health care resources are being channeled to non-elective procedures, and abortion tends to be classified as an elective procedure,” Ragsdale said.

The medical community is being called on to treat Corona Virus patients. Will abortion centers close for the greater of dealing with this threat?

Abortion is not health care. Abortion is elective. Abortion is not necessary. Abortion is murder.

Pro-life Americans can have a life-saving response to the Corona Virus. Since, abortionists won’t stop killing babies we will keep saving them.

Thankfully, Created Equal has developed outreach programs that work during this crisis despite social distancing, and the closure of colleges, high schools and other gatherings.

Recently our team traveled to Florida for our annual spring Justice Ride. We took fifty high school and college students down for a week to conduct outreach at universities, high schools, and abortion facilities.

During our time at the abortion facility a mother came up to one of our team members and after talking to her and seeing the aborted baby photos displayed, she decided to keep her baby! At the end of the week 112 students personally told us they changed from pro-choice to pro-life.

Traditionally, the spring semester would be packed with outreach events on college and high school campuses. However, because of the shutdown, we are focusing our efforts on sidewalk counseling and our mass media projects. Irrespective of the Corona Virus, we have the means to reach the masses, continue to save babies, and change hearts and minds with our mass media education projects like Operation Overpass, Mobile Billboards, and Clinic Outreach.

The fact is, Planned Parenthood (PP) and the abortion industry are still killing children, and we need to double our efforts to save them during this time of national crisis.

Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to load the Corona Virus spending package with abortion funding. Clearly, the abortion industry will not “allow this crisis to go to waste.” We will take the necessary precautions to protect our health and the health of others, but we need to be proactive and deploy our assets to combat the hijacking of this emergency to advance abortion.

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