Criminalizing Christianity and the arrest of David Benham: How the COVID 19 crisis is being used to crush our liberties

Criminalizing Christianity and the arrest of David Benham: How the COVID 19 crisis is being used to crush our liberties | The Mark Harrington Show | 4-9-20

In the past few days, pro-lifers have been threatened and arrested in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Charlotte. All the while Planned Parenthood continues to defy orders to cease committing abortions in dozens of states.

What is happening to our country? Is the cure becoming worse than the disease? Are we slipping into a police state?

Today, Mark interviews David Benham, Chairman of the Board of Cities for Life, about his arrest for peacefully counseling in front of a Charlotte, NC abortion facility. Since 1998, David has served in the pro-life movement in areas such as sidewalk counseling, community awareness, fundraising, church life networking, political support, and establishing the Cities4Life movement. David, whose father is a national pro-life leader, has witnessed everything that works and doesn’t work in the pro-life movement.

• To view the arrest of David Benham, go to:
• To sign the petition to NC Roy Cooper Governor, go to:

Also, Mark provides an update on the effort to stop the spread of COVID 19 by lobbying governors to hold Planned Parenthood to the same standards as all other surgical facilities.

Here is an update on the effort to close the nation’s abortion mills.

• Surgical abortions have been specifically ordered to stop in OH, TX, LA, MS, TN, KY, OK, IA, IN, WV, AR, AK.
• Non-essential surgeries have been banned, yet abortions continue in MD, FL, CO, MI, RI, AZ, NY, IN, VT.
• Non-essential surgeries have been banned but Governors have made a special exception for abortions in MN, MA, WA, IL, NJ, CA, PA, AL, NC, VA, NM.
• A total of thirty-two states have issued orders specifically directing health care facilities to cease performing non-essential medical procedures.

Babies are living because of the work we are doing! By the grace of God, that even when we are all confined to our homes, we are saving lives – lots of lives.

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