Dems Impeach Trump’s Next SCOTUS Pick

Dems Impeach Trump’s Next SCOTUS Pick | The Mark Harrington Show | 12-19-19

Last night, the Democrats in the US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump.

Let me clear. Impeachment is all about Roe v. Wade. I said that three months ago and now others are agreeing with me.  Even popular radio show host Mark Levin has gotten on board..

Whether he gets a vacancy on the court this term or if he were re-elected, and Dems will never allow an impeached president to fill a seat on the SCOTUS.

Ginsburg’s declining health may clear the way for President Trump to nominate another SCOTUS justice before Election Day 2020.  And that is why the Dems were so crazed to impeach President Trump.

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a solid pro-abortion justice for decades. She recently told the BBC, “the truth is that with all these restrictive laws, the only people who are being restricted are poor women.”

Ginsburg said that poor women bear the brunt of states’ laws that restrict abortion. She said, “They normally can’t pay a plane fare or the bus fare, they can’t afford to take days off of work to go.”

Impeachment is all about Roe v. Wade. Abortion supporters don’t want Trump to replace ultra-liberal Ginsberg with a conservative justice and jeopardize their pro-abortion legal orthodoxy.

Impeachment will back fire and lead to Trump’s takeover of the SCOTUS.

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