Essential or non-essential? That is the question

Essential or non-essential? That is the question | The Mark Harrington Show | 3-26-20

Ohio abortion centers are continuing to perform surgical abortion in defiance to Attorney General Dave Yost orders. Planned Parenthood claims that abortion is essential.

• Call Health Director Amy Acton at (614) 466-3543 and tell her to take action to #StopTheSpread at all Ohio facilities.

Calls to all the abortion facilities in Texas verified that they are not currently performing abortions. However, Planned Parenthood is now suing the state of Texas to keep killing babies and infecting clients with COVID 19.

During this crisis, the abortion industry continues to kill babies and risk the health and safety of the American people. But they don’t care. They only care about killing babies.

• Video: TX Abortions Halted Due to Coronavirus –

Here is a brief summary of the current status of #StopTheSpread in various states (the situation is developing, so the status changes daily):

All or at least surgical abortions have been specifically ordered to stop in four states (TX, LA, OH, MS). Abortions were stopped in two of these states (TX, LA), but are now being scheduled in one of them (LA).

Eight other states have banned elective surgeries, yet abortions continue (MD, FL, CO, MI, VT, NY, AK, AZ).

One state pulled its ban on elective surgeries (MN), and another has no order in place but hospitals are taking initiative to cancel elective surgeries (GA). Abortions continue in both states.

Four states banned elective surgeries, but made a special exception for abortions (MA, WA, IL, NJ).

You can still help babies while you are quarantined at home! We need your help to #StopTheSpread and grant babies a reprieve from death by abortion.

Call your governor and those of other states. Insist they order abortions to cease and enforce the order to ensure abortion facilities do not operate in defiance of the law.

Go to, for more information.
Go to, for a list of Governors.


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