Five Steps to Rescuing: An Activist’s Guide to Saving Lives

Created Equal is on the frontlines of the battle for life outside abortion facilities.  Standing on the sidewalk, we give witness to the victims of abortion outside the buildings in which they are dismembered.  Our team serves as “sidewalk counselors”—compassionately reaching out to women and men going into the clinic. 

Sidewalk counseling is last line of defense for babies and help for their parents. It may be intimidating.  But it does not need to be.

Mark explores the five steps to rescuing a baby from abortion with Lexie Hall, Media Specialist for Created Equal.  Here they are:

Step 1: Getting Started

Step 2: Initiating Conversations

Step 3: Talking with Mothers

Step 4: Speaking to Others

Step 5: Sharing Hope

The heart of our message is hope. Even when it’s too late for the baby, it is not too late for the mother and father.

And, most importantly, explaining the truth of the Gospel: God does not overlook sin, but for those who place trust in Jesus Christ, their sin has already been punished. They are truly forgiven. Not only will they not face God’s wrath, but also, He makes them clean.

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