“Gruesome” Newsom Spews Abortion Lies

Lately, Democrats have been spewing the lie that late-term abortions don’t happen, or if they do, they are rare, and for extreme circumstances. Like most Dems, California Gavin Newsom doesn’t want to admit that he and all other pro-abortion advocates want abortion after birth to be legal because of the “pain” that the mother experiences.

Fact: Late-term abortions are often performed on healthy babies.

Substantiation: The American Medical News– the official newspaper of the AMA — conducted a tape-recorded interview with Ohio abortion Doctor Martin Haskell concerning this specific abortion method, in which he said: “And I’ll be quite frank: most of my abortions are elective in that 20-24 week range. . . . In my particular case, probably 20% [of this procedure] are for genetic reasons. And the other 80% are purely elective.”

What about the pain the baby experiences? How terrible is it for them?

On today’s episode Mark debunks the BIG lie and refocuses the debate on the ones who are really experiencing pain – pre-born children.

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Mark Harrington (00:00):

California Governor Gavin Newsom, or who I like to refer to as Gruesome Newsom weighs in on abortion. I’ll react. Also, I want to give you an update on issue one that is the constitutional amendment on the ballot here in the state of Ohio. That’ll be voted on November seven. I’ll give a call to action. Friends, we need you involved in the door-to-door campaign and phone banking, so I’ll have an update on our progress in leading that campaign in the state of Ohio. So stick around. You’re listening to the Mark Harrington Show


Activist Radio. The Mark Harrington show is brought to you by Created Equal and you can donate to our work at createdequal.org. And friends, we need your support more than ever, as we are heading up this statewide door to door campaign to defeat issue one. So friends, please weigh in, let us know you can help us, support us financially, and also we need people to come to Ohio to support our effort of going door to door and making phone calls. And you can find out more by going to createdequal.org/issue1 created equal.org/issue one. Well, last week I played some clips from Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, commenting on abortion. I guess this is the time of year where people start talking about it because of the presidential election. And the fact is that the G O P candidates for president are starting to have their debates.


And so Democrats are also trying to weigh in. And Gavin Newsom, he loves the spotlight. He wants to get in on it as well. So he was interviewed on C N N and he gave his perspective or non perspective really on abortion. So we want to get into that. I like to call him Gruesome Newsom because Gavin Newsom basically agrees that thinks that abortion should be legal up to the very moment of birth. He talks about viability, but he really doesn’t believe that there should be any limits that the government should stay out of it altogether. And you’re going to see that in the clips that we play today. I also like to call him Brill cream. This is the guy. Look at this dude’s hair. I mean, it’s perfect. It’s always perfect. Reminds me of Bill Clinton. Slick Willie, we called him. Well, I think Gavin Newsom’s kind of similar to Bill Clinton in many respects. The guy as slick as it comes. And in that way, to me, he’s scary. This man is a threat, and I think he will eventually run for president if he doesn’t run. Now when Joe Biden just maybe keels over, I don’t know, maybe. But anyway, let’s get into this. Gavin Newsom was interviewed on C N N with Dana Bash. Go ahead and play this first clip.

Dana Bash (03:10):

You have probably heard more and more Republicans, including Donald Trump, who just over the weekend accused Democrats of supporting abortion rights up to and after birth. Can you be clear about

Gavin Newsom (03:23):

What does that mean? After birth? Abortion.

Mark Harrington (03:26):

Stop there. What does that mean after birth? Well, hey, Gavin. Hey Brylcream. Hey, gruesome Newsom. Here’s what it means. After birth means after birth, get it. That means the baby’s not outside the womb. Do you need any more clarification than that? What’s being said here is that there is no such thing as after birth abortion, according to Gavin Newsom. Well, he’s dead wrong. He’s dead wrong. And a couple of years ago, governor Northam from Virginia was caught on tape in an interview on radio talking about what it might look like for a baby to be killed after birth. So it is a thing. Gavin, go ahead and play this clip. This is Governor Northam who was caught on a radio station. He was interviewed and he asked the question, what would you do if a baby survived a failed abortion attempt? Go ahead and play that clip

Ralph Northam (04:28):

Comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired.

Mark Harrington (04:36):

So here it is. He said the infant would be kept comfortable. Oh, isn’t that nice? So after a failed abortion attempt, the child would just be kept comfortable. And then between the physician, which of course is the child killer, the abortionist and the mother who’s the murderer, they decide whether the baby should be resuscitated or not. How barbaric is it? And Gavin Newsom says, these don’t happen. Well, they do happen. And Governor Northam basically verified that in this interview of several years ago, after birth or post-birth abortions happen. And even Gavin Newsom doesn’t think that they’re a thing. Of course he knows they do, but he’s just trying to change the subject. All right, so let’s play this next clip again. This is Gavin Newsom on C N N, answering questions on abortion.

Dana Bash (05:36):

Just be clear about what limits on abortion should be.

Gavin Newsom (05:41):

It’s a political thing. People are not seeking abortion,

Dana Bash (05:43):

But what is the policy? What should it be?

Gavin Newsom (05:46):

The policy. It’s not up to Donald Trump or me. It’s up to you to women that have to

Mark Harrington (05:53):

Bear that responsibility. Stop it there. That sounds really good, doesn’t it? It’s up to we’ll leave it to the woman to decide. And it’s not up to Donald Trump or Gavin Newsom. Well, you know what? It is actually up to Donald Trump and Gavin Newsom as heads of government. If they’re president of the United States, the government does have a say in protecting human life. In fact, the primary purpose of government is to protect the weak against the strong Gavin. You can personalize this all you like and blame Donald Trump. But Donald Trump’s basically saying the government should have a say. And when he says that no one is seeking abortions, late term abortions, this is not true. According to Martin Haskell, who’s an abortionist here in the state of Ohio that kills babies that are viable, he says, let me be quite frank, most of my abortions are elective, elective Gavin in that 20 to 24 week range.


In my particular case, probably 20% of these abortions are for genetic reasons. The other 80% are purely elective. Gavin, you’re wrong. People are seeking these abortions. And Martin Haskell from the horse’s mouth, an abortionist says that eight out of 10, late term abortions done between 20 and 24 weeks are done for purely elective reasons, not for any other health or life of the mother, rape or incest. They’re simply because the mother wants a dead baby. Alright, let’s move on to the next clip. Again, this is Gavin Newso on C N N, Mr Brill Cream. I like to call him.

Gavin Newsom (07:45):

Let’s roll then. I know you said it’s up to women role to make that decision. So there should be nothing on the books. This is a false flag. This is where they need to false flag

Mark Harrington (07:55):

To go

Gavin Newsom (07:56):

In order to get out of the mess they’ve created because they don’t believe in fundamental choice and freedom for

Mark Harrington (08:02):

Women. Alright, stop there. By the way, Roe v. Wade was overturned. Did it take away fundamental choice? No. It just ruled that something we all knew all along is that there is no right to abortion in the Constitution. So now it goes back to the state legislatures for the people and their legislators to decide. So there’s no fundamental choice here anymore. There never was. And now it’s up to the states to decide. He said that it’s not our role. Well, it is the role of the government to actually legislate when it comes to murder. That is the role of the government to do so. He says it’s canard. A canard is an unfounded rumor. That’s what a canard is. So Mr, if you would queue up, this is video just so people know, and for you listening, you’re not going to be able to see this and I’ll spare you from that.


But we’re going to show some pretty graphic stuff right now just to prove that Gavin Newsom is a liar. Mr. Bri Cream, who says that this is a canard, that the late term abortions don’t happen is an unfounded rumor and it’s not our role really. Look at these photos. These were images taken of five late term abortion victims from the sidewall. Actually, they were retrieved from a medical waste company from the sidewalk near the clinic, operated by abortionists, late term abortionists Sari Santangelo, five aborted children that were retrieved and filmed by live action. These are not fake. These are not dolls. These are real human beings in the third trimester of pregnancy. This happens routinely in this district of Columbia, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, all the blue states, the deep blue states. These are happening regularly. If you don’t believe me, let me read to you the statistics on late term abortion to respond to Gavin Newin saying this is a canard just in the state of Ohio, 156 late term abortions.


That is abortions after 21 weeks were performed or committed in 2021. Now you might think 156, that’s not that many. Well, really it’s one is too many if they are really unborn children. And you see by these images we’re talking about children that could live outside the womb and viable children and children can live at 21 weeks nowadays with the proper neonatal care. So Gavin Newsom’s a canard honestly, when it comes to abortion. Alright, let’s play this next clip again. Gavin Newsom Nauseatingly talking about abortion, kind of not really answering, just basically saying, oh, we need to stay out and let women murder their babies. Go ahead and play the clip.

Gavin Newsom (11:13):

Extreme. So rare when you have literally viability issues that are deeply personal and painful, deeply personal. Others have said it more eloquent. I have after you picked out the name of the baby and then your

Mark Harrington (11:25):

First, the name of the baby. Oh, this

Gavin Newsom (11:26):

Terrible decision at the end of a terrible decision and to exploit that for political purposes. Offense, I

Mark Harrington (11:31):

Just want to, well stop there. Gavin Newsom’s not exploiting this, of course, he’s above the fray here. It’s not about politics with Gavin Newsom. He would never make abortion political. He talks about viability. Okay, let’s talk about that. Warren Hearn recently was quoted in the Atlantic Magazine basically saying that viability is up to the woman. And let me read the actual quote if I can find it here. Warn Hern said that viability is really up to the mother and the abortionist to decide. In other words, it has nothing to do with science. It has nothing to do with whether the baby can actually survive outside the womb. That’s what it used to mean. It’s up to the courts as he says in this interview, to decide what viability is. Well, I got news for you when it’s the abortionist and the mother choosing as to whether that baby’s viable or not.


Believe me when I say they’re going to say, oh, it’s not viable. Let’s kill the baby because of whatever reason. And those children can be killed easily in that later part of pregnancy. So we talk about viability, it’s not defined. You can drive a Mack truck through that and lots of babies will die. He says that this is a painful decision when a woman is faced with a baby that might be deformed or what have you, late in pregnancy. He says it’s painful and terrible. Well, let’s show what painful and terrible really looks like. Gavin. It’s not the pain so-called that a woman goes through. It’s not terrible what the woman goes through. This is painful and this is terrible. Gavin, the induction of a baby so late in pregnancy, children are killed typically using the induction method. Okay? And the induction method is, as it sounds, an induced a baby that the delivery is induced. Typically between 22 to 39 weeks, there’s a drug called Rizone that is taken early to block the pregnancy hormone and eventually starves the fetus. Then a syringe is inserted into the baby’s abdomen, into the heart, typically sometimes into the brain inserting or injecting the drug dioxin. And that drug causes a fetal heart attack or what they like to call in the abortion industry. Fetal demise. It’s just fetal demise.


It causes a heart attack in the child, generally killing the child within 24 hours. And then after that, the second drug of the regimen is given. That is am misoprostol, that induces labor. And 24 hours later, the abortionist delivers a dead fetus. That is the induction method of abortion. Happens all the time. These images that we’re showing you today were more than likely those children were killed using the induction method. So it does happen, Gavin, we have evidence to prove it. You say it’s a canard, we know you’re a liar. Alright, last clip. This again. Gavin Newsom talking about or not really talking about abortion, saying that he believes that women should be able to kill their child as long as it’s private. Go ahead.

Dana Bash (15:28):

You’re saying, yeah, you do not believe it is the role of government nationally or state government to have any limits on the books legally,

Gavin Newsom (15:38):

The state of California’s long believed in viability. I’ve long believed in viability. We went forward with a constitutional amendment that’s created

Mark Harrington (15:44):

Some. Although you can’t define viability,

Gavin Newsom (15:46):

Gavin, my point is no one wants to see late term abortions. No one’s out there promoting that. That’s what the Democratic party’s position. It’s not what my personal position is. Really in those rare and extremely rare in personal circumstances. One thing I absolutely believe Donald Trump shouldn’t be making that decision.

Mark Harrington (16:04):

Oh yeah, let’s make it about Donald Trump decision.

Gavin Newsom (16:06):

That’s a decision for the mother, the wouldbe mother, and for her doctor and for whomever member of her family or priest believes that’s the right thing to do.

Mark Harrington (16:17):

Okay, so again, let’s show these late term babies that have killed vice sari. Tangible. I hate to do this folks, but I mean we’ve got to see it to believe it. The truth of the matter is this is happening. We would not say the same thing if they were born children. We would not say, oh, this is a private matter. It’s extreme. It should be between the child killer, the abortionist, and the mother along with their priest to decide. We would not say that for born children. Why? Why? Because we value born children. Somehow something magical happens when a baby is born, like the birth canal is a magical birth control or birth canal where it’s like binging bingo. All of a sudden we recognize that child as a human being, but before the birth control, no, we can do anything we like to it.


We can kill the child if we wish, as long as we consult with the child killer, the abortionists and the mother, as long as they come to grips or agree on it and we have our priest involved or someone who might have our pastor or something like that. Again, what’s the difference between a born and an unborn child? Simply age, location, dependency and size. That’s it. And those are all a factor or a function of their age. Again, Gavin Newsom, just like Kamala Harris refuses to really answer the question is when he would draw limits on abortion. And the reason for that is he has no limits and neither does the Democrat party. And I think it’s appropriate for the candidates for president on the G o p side to make this case. So again, that’s Gavin Newsom on CNN. Another nauseating and really difficult interview to watch.


Well, friends, I hope you don’t get sick of me talking about issue one here in the state of Ohio, but I have to, and I’m going to be talking about this in the next several weeks leading up to November 7th, because I have been beating the drum. I have been screaming from the rooftops for almost a year that the pro-abortion movement, the industry is on the move and they’re playing the long game friends and they’re trying to get a constitutional amendment passed in the state of Ohio. Why is that important to you if you live in other parts of the country? Because they’re coming to your state. If they win here, they’re coming to your state. They already have eight to 12 of these states lined up in 2024. So we’ve got to win here. Friends, everything rides on Ohio, so currently created equals leading the way in the door-to-door campaign.


That is, we are running it here. We are organizing it, we are deploying it. We are are everything. So we’ve trained 62 individuals as of today. These are regional coordinators, so to speak, people that’ll be out in the field working with volunteers to go door to door. So you can sign up if you live in the state of Ohio, you can get involved easily. We have an I 360 app. It allows you to go door to door. You can go to created Equal or volunteer dot createdequal.org to find out more. Or you can just go to createdequal.org/issue1 and let us know if you can do door knocking, number one. Number two, you can also do phone banking from anywhere in the country. We’ll set you up. We are trying to knock on 150,000 doors between today and November 7th. The soon be Anthony List has already knocked on 200,000 doors between the two organizations.


We’re hoping to knock on well over 400,000 doors, maybe 500,000 doors before the election day. And currently what we’re doing is going to the doors of what we call persuadables. Those are people who might be in the middle on abortion on the amendment, and we’re trying to persuade them obviously to vote no on issue one. And later in, say mid to late October, we’ll be starting our Get Out the vote efforts again, going door to door. So we need your help, we need your money. We need your volunteer efforts here in the state of Ohio. You can go to createequal.org/issue1 to get involved and volunteer. We need you in Ohio because as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. So we’ll see next time. God bless you. God bless America and remember America to bless God.

Narrator (21:10):

You’ve been listening to Mark Harrington, your radio activist. For more information on how to make a difference for the cause of life, liberty and justice, go to createdequal.org. To follow mark, go to Mark Harringtonshow.com. Be sure to tune in next time for your marching orders in the Culture War.