Gruesome Newsom’s Abomination and the FBI Round Up – Peter Breen

Mark Houck made national headlines after 20 heavily armed federal agents stormed his home at dawn on September 23, 2022, scaring his family, pointing guns at his head, and then arresting him in front of his wife and seven young children.

Houck is alleged to have violated the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, commonly known as the FACE Act, outside of a Pennsylvania abortion facility in October 2021.

In today’s episode, Mark interviews Houck’s attorney, Peter Breen, vice president and senior counsel at the Thomas More Society.  Peter explains how this invasion is part of a growing trend of intimidation and harassment of law-abiding anti-abortion activists.

Also, Pastor John MacArthur rebuked California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom for posting billboards in red states using the words of Jesus to invite people to travel to California for abortions. MacArthur’s stand is a great example for every preacher in America on how to properly speak truth to power.

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