Hollywood’s Aim: Steal Your Child’s Future | “Counterculture Mom”

Tina Griffin went from baling hay and milking cows on a dairy farm in Wisconsin to working as an actress in Hollywood. At the age of 20, she drove 2,000 miles west and enrolled at California State University – Los Angeles to pursue a film and TV broadcasting degree and start her acting career. 

Today, Tina’s mission is to educate and equip parents and teens on how to safely navigate today’s pop culture chaos and to challenge this generation to live counter-culturally to what critic’s claim is “harmless entertainment.”

Tina’s show, Hollywood Exposed, exposes the real agenda behind the entertainment industry.  By design, Hollywood conditions our children to engage in drug and alcohol abuse, meaningless sex, debauchery, and even criminal behavior without any consideration for the consequences.  This leads our kids to minds corrupted by hatred, greed, and envy, and plagued by depression, loneliness, and a deep sense of nihilism.  To boot, Hollywood wants to condition our children to leave the faith and accept political agendas that fly in the face of a biblical worldview.

It’s unavoidable: Hollywood, the music industry, and Big Tech all contribute to the culture of death. 

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