How to Take Down an Abortion Clinic, Legally – Missy Martinez-Stone

On this week’s episode, Mark speaks with Missy Martinez-Stone, CEO of Reprotection, an organization that explores the often overlooked side of the abortion issue – the supply side. Reprotection investigates abortion facilities that break state and federal laws, with the ultimate goal of shutting them down based on their own misdeeds. By partnering with Sidewalk Advocates for Life and Heartbeat International, Reprotection collects critical information to hold these facilities accountable within their own field.
Missy explains that to successfully shut down an abortion facility, they must first determine if a violation occurred, who is responsible, and what the protocol for filing complaints is. Additionally, they need strong community support and the willingness of local agencies to enforce the laws. Despite the challenges, Reprotection’s efforts have yielded results, closing facilities and saving countless unborn lives in the process.
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