“I murdered more people than Ted Bundy.” – Interview with Dr. Kathi Aultman, former abortionist | The Mark Harrington Show | 2-25-21

Today, Mark speaks with a former abortionist turned pro-life advocate, Kathi Aultman, MD. Her experiences committing abortions, and those in her Ob/Gyn practice, led her to becoming anti-abortion. She has testified extensively on a variety of pro-life issues before state and congressional bodies and state courts and has assisted various state attorneys and the Justice Department.

On today’s program you will learn how Kathi became prolife after initially being so pro-abortion and performing abortions. She will also describe the abortion techniques she used to kill children. 

As an Associate Scholar at the Charlotte Lozier institute, Kathi has testified in support of Heartbeat Bills currently moving through legislatures across America. Some believe the bills are unenforceable because they leave the abortionist in charge of detecting a fetal heartbeat. As a former abortionist, she will explain why Heartbeat Bills are enforceable.

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