If Ohio Falls, So Will the Nation

At this very moment, pro-abortion minions are knocking on doors, visiting shopping malls, setting up booths on college campuses, and holding events in major Ohio cities. They’re using fear tactics to provoke voters to sign an initiative that, if successful at the ballot box, will amend our state constitution and turn Ohio into a killing field like New York and California. Because if Ohio falls, so will the nation.

They’ve sent their paid underlings all over the state to get signatures. That said, there are several current battlefronts to defeat the pro-death effort.

Chris Long from the Ohio Christian Alliance is Mark’s guest on today’s episode. Among other insights, Chris will provide a timely update about the effort in the Ohio legislature to raise the voting threshold to 60% to amend the constitution in Ohio.

Also, what does the death of notorious late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart mean to the abortion battle? Mark will provide some guidance.

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