Invasion of the Body Part Traffickers – AJ Hurley

The University of California accepts millions of dollars each year in tax funding that supplies a steady stream of late-term fetal organs from pain-capable and viable children. These children are dismembered nearly half of the time without being euthanized. Research suggests that this results in born-alive infants in 50% of the cases.


The UC Regents oversees the entire University of California system and ensures the institution is functioning ethically. UCSF is violating fundamental human rights through its fetal organ harvesting and research policies. UC Regents need to be held accountable and change their dangerous policies.


Abortion alone is murder and barbarism. However, this is by far the most extreme and vile practice in American history.


Mark gets an update from AJ Hurley from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust who is leading the effort to expose these atrocities. Also, Mark will respond to recent protests of Created Equal on campuses and answer the question, “Does Scripture forbid abortion?’


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