Joe Biden + Kamala Harris = A Match Made in Hell

As I predicted many months ago, Sen. Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s pick for VP. Harris is an attack dog who possesses the energy that Biden lacks. However, she has her own baggage. Among other things, she is rabidly pro-abortion and anti-Catholic. Apparently, these two rivals have buried the ax and come together as a match made in hell. Here is short review of her record:

• Kamala Harris is an anti-life, anti-Catholic fanatic.
• Kamala Harris supports abortion till the moment of birth.
• Kamala Harris supports infanticide and refuses to protect newborn babies who survive abortions.
• Kamala Harris vows to force Americans to pay for abortions with their hard-earned tax dollars.
• Kamala Harris will work with Joe Biden to force the Little Sisters of the Poor and other worthy pro-life organizations to include abortion in their health insurance.
• Kamala Harris is a puppet of Planned Parenthood.
• Kamala Harris took $81,000 in campaign contributions from no fewer than five Planned Parenthood clinics that were breaking the law and selling harvested body parts from aborted babies for profit. Harris protected this criminal activity.
• Kamala Harris, when attorney general of California, authorized the raid of David Daleiden’s home and orchestrated the legal proceedings against him for daring to expose Planned Parenthood’s criminal activity.
• During the Senate confirmation hearings after President Trump nominated Brian Buescher to sit on the U. S. District Court for the District of Nebraska, Harris grilled him over his membership in the Knights of Columbus.

Next week, Joe Biden will accept the Democrat nomination for president. As part of his campaign he has been appealing to “people of faith.” Recently, former Ohio governor John Kasich endorsed him as a “deep man of faith.” Kasich will also speak at the Dem National Convention.

On this episode, Mark will analyze the positions of the Biden/Harris ticket and answer the question; can a Christian vote for them?

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