Judicial Supremacy: SCOTUS Goes Rogue … Again | The Mark Harrington Show | 6-18-20

Recent decisions continue to indicate that the US Supreme Court is unlikely to cease its pattern of legislating from the bench. Rather than permitting the US Congress or state legislatures to make law, they are usurping the separation of powers doctrine. American government no longer has three equal branches. We have one branch, the judiciary, that has become a super-legislature.

Do these recent decisions give us an indication of how the SCOTUS will rule in future cases? What about the upcoming June Medical v. Russo case?

This law, the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act (Act 620), authored by House Rep. Katrina Jackson (D-LA), would require doctors operating out of abortion clinics in Louisiana to have hospital admitting privileges within a 30-mile radius of the facility—a standard protocol for any outpatient surgical facility.

What does the recent SCOTUS ruling against churches opening tells about the direction of the court?

Read more HERE: https://bit.ly/2YYgGg3

What are the prospects of Roe vs. Wade being overturned?

Mark will interview Catherine Short for Life Legal Defense Foundation to find the answers.

Ms. Short’s primary focus is defending the free speech rights of pro-life activists at every level of both state and federal court. She is married to fellow Thomas Aquinas College graduate William Short and has nine children.

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