JumboTron Rocks College Campuses

JumboTron Rocks College Campuses | The Mark Harrington Show | 4-18-19
Do abortion victim pictures and video change hearts and minds?

Sam Riley, leader of our Road Trip for Life, comes to us live from the campus of Eastern Michigan University. Sam shares with Mark the effectiveness of using abortion victim pictures and video on college campuses.

Sam shares also that with all the coverage regarding late-term abortion and infanticide, university students are more interested than ever before to discuss abortion.

JumboTron causes paradigm shift:

Created Equal is pioneering the use of cutting-edge video technology to represent the victims of abortion to large audiences across America. In 2012, we debuted our JumboTron TV screen to reach the hundreds of thousands in Washington, DC during the National March for Life. Most recently, we returned to the March for Life with two JumboTron screens, where at least one pro-abortion protester changed her mind.

At pro-life marches, politicians, activists, and post-abortive parents are given a platform to share their perspectives on the evil and violence of abortion. Not until JumboTron TV have the primary victims of abortion been represented in such a profound way.

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