Love Unleashes Life: An Interview with Stephanie Gray | The Mark Harrington Show | 8-22-19

In 1999, I was with Center for Bio Ethical Reform (CBR) leading the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP). We were invited to take the display to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC by the UBC Students for Life.

Canada doesn’t have a first amendment. Instead, they have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which doesn’t provide the same freedoms we enjoy here in America. Upon are arrival in Vancouver, the university demanded CBR pay $10K for “security fees.” Instead of paying the fee, we sued the university.

Despite that setback we still were able to train some students in pro-life apologetics. That is when I met the student leader for UBC Students for Life, Stephanie Gray.  

Eventually, Stephanie and her group were able to conduct the outreach at UBC.

That experience launched our working relationship. After college, Stephanie co-founded the Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform and began traveling North America with our GAP displays.

At a young age, Stephanie was already battle hardened because she faced her opposition courageously.  However, if you know Stephanie, she is the personification of the gentle warrior: Compassionate and bold. 

Stephanie authored the book Love Unleashes Life which speaks about talking to the head and the heart of abortion advocates.

Love Unleashes Life also the name of her organization.  You can purchase her book HERE:

On today’s episode I interviews Stephanie Gray. Mark gets her perspective on the abortion debate and asks the hard questions like:

  1. What about abortion in cases of rape, incest of life or the mother? 2. Shouldn’t abortion be kept safe and legal?
  2. What if a woman has a poor diagnosis?

Please listen and watch. You will be equipped by one the best pro-life apologists in the entire world!

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