Making Abortion History in Ohio and Beyond

Making Abortion History in Ohio and Beyond

Many remember that the original Heartbeat Bill which was introduced in 2011, came literally a heartbeat away from becoming Ohio law.  If it weren’t for the actions of one particular Senator, babies with beating hearts would be protected right now and we would have no need to be here.

Since that time the Heartbeat Bill has been votoed twice by Ohio Governor John Kasich.  With incoming Governor Mike DeWine committing to sign the bill if passed, we now are on the verge of making abortion history in Ohio.

In light of that, let me say, we are not naïve.  We know the odds.  And we know the arguments against this bill:

  • Some say that the Heartbeat Bill might be found unconstitutional based on their assessment of the current makeup of the Supreme Court.  No one can predict the future with that degree of certainty.  Babies with beating hearts don’t care much about the opinions of pessimistic lawyers.  They have waited 40 years for justice.  That is long enough!
  • Some will ask, “Do you have any assurances that the Heartbeat Bill won’t meet the same fate it did the last time we tried to pass it?”  To that I say, in politics, nothing is certain.  But one thing is certain, we will persevere.

The best picture of perseverance is the political life of one of our most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

Abe Lincoln lost six elections over a span of thirty two years before he won the presidency.  And thank God he persevered.  I am not comparing the candidacy of Abe Lincoln to the effort for the Heartbeat Bill but Lincoln won the presidency because he kept trying.

2019 could be the year we end legal abortion in Ohio. Stay tuned as we fight to protect all children.

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