Mobs, Protests, and the Demise of Roe: Preparing for Dobbs Decision Day – Eric Scheidler

Once Roe falls, the partnership consisting of the Pro-Life Action League, Created Equal, and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society are planning events across America to mark this historic moment and to set forth our plan for a post-Roe America.

The decision could come any day, but most SCOTUS observers expect the ruling to be announced the last week before summer recess (June 27-30).

On this episode, Mark interviews Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, about these developments and what living a post-Roe world will be like for residents of abortion havens like Illinois.

To get involved in this event, go to:

We will also address whether the pro-abortion protests at justices’ homes and churches are protected First Amendment speech or violations of the law.

For more information on what you can do in a post-Roe America, stay tuned to this podcast.

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