Netflix “Cuties” is not Cute: Our culture’s horrifying trend of sexualizing children

By now, you have heard about the controversy surrounding the Netflix film Cuties. Let me clear, I have seen the movie nor do I plan on doing so. But I have seen and read enough to join the chorus of condemnation. The film has been rightly criticized for its sexual exploitation of children.

• For an excellent review of the film, read this:

The producers of the film defend it on the grounds it is documentary against the exploitation of children. But Netflix can’t criticize child porn by promoting it!

The sad truth is we have been losing this battle for decades. It all began with the sexual revolution. Now, fifty years later we see the “Love has no age” movement gaining steam. Boycotting Netflix is a necessary. But we are so far behind the eight ball, we need something more to bring us back from the brink. Nothing short of a national spiritual revival will heal our land.

Today, I will discuss the Netflix film with Jonathan Van Maren from the Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform. We will also connect the dots between pornography and abortion. The fact is, both abortion and pornography are all about commodifying–and victimizing–those it consumes.

• Read more from Jonathan here:

If you have a Netflix subscription, cancel it. But much more needs done to reverse the trend of decades of perversion.

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