“Pro-choice men are cowards” – SC Rep says – The Mark Harrington Show | 2-22-21

Last Thursday, the Heartbeat Bill passed the South Carolina Senate 40-13 and the House by a vote of 78-35. The passage follows Arkansas, North Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Ohio in passing Heartbeat laws. Heartbeat Bills have now been introduced in 29 states.

On today’s show, Mark shares a powerful floor speech from Rep. Melissa Oremus that will bring tears to your eyes. Also, Mark will reference a recent independent study that demonstrates how hearts and minds are being changed despite these laws not being enforced. Abortion advocates even make the case that these laws lead to women concluding that abortion is illegal.

“The law is a tutor that leads us to Christ.” Galatians 3:24

Because the law is a teacher, many children are alive today because of the HB Bill efforts. Rather than the HB Bill teaching ageism, as some wrongly believe (with no imperial evidence to back it up), it has changed hearts resulting in saved lives and we now have independent confirmation of that fact.

Abortion has been decriminalized from conception to birth for decades before these HB Bills were passed. HB Bills don’t legalize any abortions. A law that limits evil (which all laws do) isn’t evil. The civil government is meant to be a restrainer of evil. Even abortion bans don’t zero out the behavior; they build fences around the evil and set criminal sanctions for the behavior.

From the study:

“Many women in Ohio were unsure whether abortion is illegal in the state (26.2%); a smaller subset (9.8%) believed it to be illegal. The prevalence of believing that abortion in Ohio is illegal increased during the study interval, which corresponded to the interval marked by legislative and judicial activity surrounding the six-week ban in Ohio.”

HB Bills teach that abortion is illegal to a good percentage of the female population, which inevitably leads to saved lives.

This is good news!