Pro-Life Activists React to Whatever’s Abortion Debate

On this episode of the Mark Harrington Show, Mark is joined by Created Equal’s Vice President, Seth Drayer to react to the abortion debate hosted by YouTube channel, Whatever, and moderated by the channel owner, Brian Atlas.

This abortion debate featured prominent pro-life figures Lila Rose, of and Kristen Hawkins, of Featured on the pro-abortion side of the debate was popular debater and liberal streamer Steven Bonnell, more commonly know by his handle, Destiny:

To watch the full 4 hour debate for yourself, click here:

Points Mark and Seth reacted to:

  • 0:02:14 – “what is a person”
  • 0:17:20 – Pile of sand
  • 1:11:40 – Difference between “pre-conscious” baby and medically induced coma.
  • 1:28:00 – Destiny admits it’s alive, but still not a person
  • 1:48:32 – Development
  • 1:50:26 – “Vroom Vroom”

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