Pro-Life and Abolition – Samuel Sey | BONUS EPISODE

In this bonus episode, Samuel Sey and I dig deeper into the political strategies to secure justice.

Pro-life legislators aren’t creating discrimination, they are curtailing discrimination. They are faced with a choice between reducing abortion on the way to outlawing it altogether or just making a statement.

William Wilberforce was in principle a moral absolutist, but in practice a strategic and tactical incrementalist—as are pro-lifers today. In that legal environment, the principled pro-lifer is an immediatist morally and an incrementalist strategically. That is, while pro-lifers remain committed to the principle that every unborn human should be legally protected, they work to save as many lives as possible given current political realities.

Wilberforce, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. were in principle moral absolutists, in practice they functioned as strategic and tactical incrementalists.

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