Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn | The Mark Harrington Show | 6-20-19

Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn | The Mark Harrington Show | 6-20-19

President Trump says that candidates that support sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants should be disqualified from running for president

What about candidates who support creating sanctuary cities for the unborn?

Recently, the city of Waskom, TX took a stand against abortion as the city council unanimously adopted a resolution and an ordinance in support of Waskom becoming Texas’ first “sanctuary city for the unborn.”

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With the passage of the Heartbeat Bill in Louisiana, Waskom is concerned that Louisiana women will cross the border to seek to procure abortions in Texas.

Those who support the effort say the action won’t stop abortion clinics from moving to Waskom, “but if they do they’ll be breaking the law.”

Waskom is right in seeking to align itself with the United States Constitution and not the Supreme Court’s unlawful court opinion in Roe v. Wade.

This ordinance outlawing abortion in Waskom, Texas refuses to believe and propagate this lie, but seeks to expose it as false.

However, as usual, not everyone is happy. Because the measure includes exceptions for rape and incest, some “all or nothing” abortion opponents don’t support the action.

Believing that legislation that allows for rape and incest violates primary doctrines of the Christian faith, they oppose the efforts of Waskom.

Coming back down to earth, Mark demonstrates how prudential measures are winning in the battle to outlaw abortion.

Tune in to watch a thoughtful exposition of this debate.

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