Secretary of State Validates Signatures for Extreme Pro-Abortion Nov. Ballot Measure

The Ohio Secretary of State has officially validated all of the signatures that were required to get an extreme pro-abortion initiative on the ballot in November of 2023.


This dangerous, California-style proposal is misleadingly titled, “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety.” In reality, it would erase the current health and safety standards for mothers and their children, if passed. Here is what this extreme initiative would do:


  • Permanently enshrine painful, late-term abortions all the way up until birth in The Ohio Constitution.
  • Allow minors to obtain abortions without their parent’s consent or knowledge.
  • Open the door to sex-transitioning surgery for minors without their parent’s consent or knowledge.


And it is all funded by out-of-state special interest groups who want to turn Ohio into California.


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Excerpt from Dayton Daily News:

Mark Harrington, President of Created Equal, said, “Extreme, out-of-state abortion forces are trying to purchase a part of the Ohio Constitution. Unable to win in the legislature, extremists are attempting to enshrine painful, late-term abortions in the Ohio Constitution. Ohioans will reject this takeover and defeat the abortion ballot measure.” 

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