Silence is Not Golden: How the Church Must Respond to the Abortion Crisis – Mike Spencer

My guest, Mike Spencer, brings to the table 23 years of experience as a pastor and 8 years of working with Scott Klusendorf at Life Training Institute.

Mike now serves as the founder and president of Project LifeVoice, a gospel-driven human rights organization that equips and inspires pro-life ambassadors to speak compellingly and to act sacrificially on behalf of the most vulnerable, most abandoned, and most oppressed among us: our preborn neighbors targeted by elective abortion.

Mike is the author of the new book: Humanly Speaking, The Evil of Abortion, the Silence of the Church, and the Grace of God.

This episode will help you stand for life by bringing clarity to the role of Christians in an abortion-supportive culture and by unmasking the destructive thinking that has effectively created two classes of human beings within the Church: those we value and protect, and those we regard as unworthy of our gospel influence and ignore.

If you want motivation to do more to defend the unborn, this episode is a must-hear.

Please listen and share this podcast.

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