Social Justice, Critical Theory and Christianity: Are They Compatible? | The Mark Harrington Show | 8-6-20

Contemporary critical theory views reality through the lens of power, dividing people into oppressed groups and oppressor groups along various axes like race, class, gender, sexuality orientation, physical ability and age.

With the meteoric rise of BLM, this dangerous worldview is making headway among evangelical leaders and churches.

Tune in and listen to Mark interview Eric Chabot of Ratio Christi as he defines this belief system and how we must respond.

Eric will answer questions like:

  • What role does Critical Race Theory play in the role of identity in the debates?
  • Why are Christians so confused about BLM? Why are so many Christians jumping on the BLM bandwagon?
  • How do churches and ministry leaders need to equip their people in the months ahead? Regarding all the racial debates and other cultural issues? Another election?

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