Talking Parents Out of Abortions

This week on the Mark Harrington show, we bring you something a little bit different. Mark is joined in studio by Molly Myer, a Created Equal team member and sidewalk counselor for a break down of a recent interaction at the Planned Parenthood in Columbus.

Mark and Molly discuss the interaction with a young father, Tay, who drove his pregnant partner to the clinic. While he did not go in and stop the abortion from happening, he did stop and have a lengthy conversation with Molly and Mark. This interaction gives us a little insight into this generation, and may give you a glimpse at what Created Equal does, every day.


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Mark Harrington (00:10):

All right, thanks for joining us. Your radioactive here, Mark Harrington, and I am joined by my good friend and colleague here at Created Equal Molly Meyer. Molly is one of our staff members, and she often goes out to the abortion centers and counsels mothers to try to talk them out of their abortions. That’s what we do here as part of our ministry. Of course, you all know that we take our abortion victim photography to abortion centers, but also to college and high school campuses. But one of our focuses is the abortion centers. Why? Because we are commanded in scripture to rescue those being led away to death. So that’s where we know that the babies are dying at the clinics. That’s where we go because we’re commanded to go. And so it’s a difficult ministry. It’s hard sometimes because 99% of those people go right in the doors and kill their babies.


And so I wanted to bring Molly on. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Just do a little show on sidewalk counseling, if you will, what that means. I’ve talked about it briefly, never really had an in depth program dealing with it, and I kind of want to do that today. And so Molly, thanks for being on the show. Appreciate it. Thank you. So here we go. What we’re going to do here to assist our discussion as we’re going to play a video of an individual, and his name was Tay, and this was at the Planned Parenthood a couple of weeks ago where Molly and I were standing there reaching out to parents as they go inside, considering abortion. And t came over and spoke with us a couple of times. And what’s instructive about this video is a couple of things. First of all, he came over, which they don’t often, most don’t.


He spent a lot of time with us. He went inside I think twice and came back out and spoke with us as well. And what’s so often is the case and which is really frustrating about cyber counseling, is that you can tell ’em everything in the world that you know about how to not kill your baby. And sometimes they just choose to do it and sometimes they don’t. But I thought this would be instructive for us to unpack our conversation with Tay, Molly and I talking to him over about a 12 minute period of time as he went in and out of the Planned Parenthood. So we’re going ahead and play this clip and we’ll interrupt it along the way and we’ll make some comments. I think that we’ll have hopefully some kind of value and instructive value to those who might be involved in sidewalk counseling and to give those who aren’t a picture kind of a snapshot of what it’s like to be out front of a planned parent. Again, this is Tay at Planned Parenthood here in Columbus a couple of weeks ago. Go ahead and start the clip.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (03:05):

Sir, come on here. Sir,

Molly at Planned Parenthood (03:06):

You have the freedom to talk to me if you want.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (03:08):

Yeah, you don’t. You just

Molly at Planned Parenthood (03:09):

Have some resources for you.

Mark Harrington (03:11):

Don’t go inside. Don’t listen

Mark at Planned Parenthood (03:12):

To that guy. Okay. How are you doing, sir? Good, good.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (03:19):

Is she here for an abortion today? Yeah. Yeah. Did you know she can get free help across the street? Yeah, we’ll provide resources. She can get a free ultrasound, see her baby before she makes this decision. I

Tay at Planned Parenthood (03:32):

Know this her second time, can we get her already paid to even get looked at? So,

Molly at Planned Parenthood (03:38):

Okay, so

Mark Harrington (03:40):

Today is for the abortion. Go ahead and stop it there. So a couple things real quick. First of all, the, so-called Security guard is working actively to get people into the abortion mill. And I told him, don’t listen to that guy. He did come over. And then what you did is typical right, of how you would approach somebody who comes over to you on the sidewalk and you offered them resources. Is that what you do every time?

Molly Meyer (04:05):

Yeah, we always try to get people to come over to us. That’s our first school to have a conversation, see why they’re there. Most of the women are there for an abortion, but they do have a consultation. So just getting to have a conversation with them and hear their side from it,

Mark Harrington (04:24):

Which is hard sometimes because they generally know what we’re going to tell ’em, which is don’t kill your baby. And yet he came over, which is very unusual. So when you call out to somebody, what do you typically say? He got out of the door, his door of his car, what do you normally say and what you said there?

Molly Meyer (04:40):

Yeah, so since he was a man, I had a little bit of a different approach. I tried to just ask why he’s there. Also see if the person he brought was already inside and tell ’em about resources for her, how he can help her. Because you don’t always know that some of these guys think that they’re doing the best for the woman they bring. And so by telling them the truth about what abortion will do, not only to their child, but also to the woman is very important. And just having that conversation with them.

Mark Harrington (05:16):

And so often I’ll speak to the men. I don’t usually speak to the women. I let our young females speak to the women. I think that makes the most sense. But because he came over, I felt that I could. So alright, so go ahead and continue on. Again, this is Tay, right? Tay at Planned Parent a couple of weeks ago. Go ahead.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (05:37):

Yeah. How do you feel about that?

Mark at Planned Parenthood (05:42):

Wasn’t like she

Tay at Planned Parenthood (05:42):

Got really mom, my girlfriend. Girlfriend.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (05:45):

Did you get her pregnant? Did you get her pregnant? Yeah. Huh? Yeah. You’re a father, you know that, right?

Mark Harrington (05:57):

Go ahead and stop there. This was important. This is really important. He said it’s too late and he had already paid for it. Your response was it’s not too late. Yeah. How is it not too late?

Molly Meyer (06:12):

Because if the baby’s not already being killed, if she’s not in the operation room, there’s still hope, there’s still time for him to go inside and encourage her to come out. So that’s why I was trying to encourage him to do is recognize that this baby’s still living. There’s still time,

Mark Harrington (06:30):

Right? As long as the abortion has not taken place, it’s never too late for the baby to be safe. He may say it’s too late because he’s paid. He just doesn’t want to back out. At this point. He feels like he’s gone too far. Which tells us something. When people come to the abortion clinic or the facility, it’s not a clinic. They have made up their minds pretty much. I mean they’ve already processed this for maybe a week or longer. Could be even longer than that. And they’ve come to this conclusion because they’ve either been pressured or all those things. So when they get here, they’re hardcore. I mean generally not always. And so he’s already paid. He doesn’t want to mess with it, but he says it’s too late. It’s not. And we continued to work with the guy regardless of whether he thought it was late or not. And I asked if it was his girlfriend. I asked if he was the father and he said yes. And so go ahead and continue on that child in there.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (07:29):

That’s your child Ain’t right time. What’s that? What’s that? Ain’t the right time right now.

Mark Harrington (07:34):

Now you said stop. Not your girl. Lemme stop. I said he was a father. Now some people wouldn’t do what I just did. I said, you’re a father. You’re either going to be a father of a alive baby or a father of a dead baby. And I said, you will just be a father of a dead baby. I don’t think some people would go as far as I did. I just generally speak very boldly and straightforwardly to the men because men are generally that you should be anyway wired to protect women and children. And I wanted to appeal to his conscience as a guy, as a man who generally defends women and children to go in and protect that child because he is the father. I wanted to get it in his mind that that baby is a child. The baby’s a baby and he’s a father.


And he needs to know it in hopes that you are appealing to that manhood inside him that he might go in and do the right thing. I don’t think he’s thinking he’s a father, he’s just thinking, oh whatever. The baby’s not a baby, a blob of tissue, whatever. Let’s just go get rid of it. So that’s why I did what I did. And some people wouldn’t go as far as I did. But I feel like you only have a few minutes here if that you better give him the best shot you got. Go ahead and continue on. Not

Mark at Planned Parenthood (08:46):

Your girlfriend or this another girl you’re with too, or I was just happy for her. Yeah, yeah. It’s not too late, brother. You’re going to think about this the rest of your life. What’s going on with an abortion? Don’t you

Tay at Planned Parenthood (09:01):


Mark at Planned Parenthood (09:01):

The baby. That’s right. You don’t want to do that here. Stop there.

Mark Harrington (09:05):

Stop there. My suspicion, he probably has multiple partners. This isn’t just, maybe he’s not even his girlfriend. It might’ve been a one night stand. Who knows? Obviously he didn’t think it was very important that he would keep the child and that he said it was a girlfriend, but he really didn’t mean it. But he admitted that he’s killing a baby. I mean he understood that intuitively. And so when you get to that point, it’s really difficult because now they’ve crossed over where they’re saying, I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m going to kill the baby anyway, go ahead and continue on.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (09:44):

I mean there’s families that would adopt that child.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (09:51):

I know Pam

Mark at Planned Parenthood (09:52):

Too. And what’s her thoughts? If you told her you didn’t want that baby to be killed, would she keep the baby you think? If you say probably, huh? Probably if I

Tay at Planned Parenthood (10:03):

Say yeah, I think I don’t really know. I don’t really know.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (10:08):

Does she want the

Mark Harrington (10:09):

Stop there? This is really important. What does that tell us?

Molly Meyer (10:14):

That he has a say in this?

Mark Harrington (10:16):

Yeah, that it’s not just a women’s issue. And if men stepped up to the plate and told her in this case, went in and said, I don’t want to have this. I’ll stand with you. We’ll parent the child together or we’ll work together to place that child for adoption. Most not, maybe not all, but most would say I’m in. So to say that this is a women’s issue and men don’t have a say. This is a perfect example where they’re given a free pass sadly. And so anyway, go ahead and continue on. I just think that’s instructive that if he were to go in, he said if he were to do the right thing and tell her not to kill the baby, she probably wouldn’t do it. Go ahead.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (11:02):

Does she want the abortion or do you want to She

Tay at Planned Parenthood (11:06):

Both. That’s not just unfortunately happen or anything like that.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (11:13):

It’s not too late to do the right thing. Even you give it a little more time. Think about it. Seriously. Alright,

Tay at Planned Parenthood (11:24):

I’m going to come back out here

Mark at Planned Parenthood (11:25):

Real quick. Would you

Mark Harrington (11:27):

See what we’re trying to do up there? Go ahead.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (11:31):

She can get ultrasound.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (11:33):

It’s probably already gotten it. She’s already gotten the ultrasound to

Tay at Planned Parenthood (11:37):


Mark Harrington (11:38):

Now you see what we’re doing here. What are we trying to do?

Molly Meyer (11:42):

Pulling back

Mark Harrington (11:43):


Molly Meyer (11:44):

So that we can continue having the conversation. Because most people who go inside aren’t going to come back

Mark Harrington (11:49):

For conversation. Most won’t come back out. So we want to keep him on the sidewalk with us. And we’re also in a sense, we’re kind of stalling, to be honest. The more time we try to provide for us to speak to him, the more time between him and the final decision, the more likely he might change his mind. Now you mentioned an ultrasound. Explain why you thought that maybe he had already had it or she did. Why you thought that?

Molly Meyer (12:14):

Well, we know that she had a consultation, so they probably would have given her an ultrasound, but it’s unlikely that she actually would’ve seen that baby. We know that most women who do see their child decide against abortion. So bringing them to the pregnancy resource center and getting them to get an ultrasound is going to be more likely that they would keep their baby.

Mark Harrington (12:38):

Now I said he probably already had it. Maybe I was wrong. I don’t know about that. But still in the state of Ohio, there is a 24 hour wait period. It’s not been stricken from the books yet. Even though issue one passed in November, it’s still a requirement that they have a 24 hour wait period, first consultation, then the abortion. So they already had the consultation and you’re saying you think it’s possible that she didn’t have the ultrasound anyway, the idea is here you’re trying to give him options. Things that he could do, she could do short of killing the baby to buy more time in order for them to reconsider. Alright, continue on. So here we have Tay coming back out from Planned Parenthood, which is really unusual for someone to come back out after speaking to us once. So he’s conflicted. Obviously he wouldn’t come back.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (13:32):

I ain’t changed my decision. I ain’t going to lie.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (13:36):

Does it bother you that that’s killing a baby?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (13:39):

Yeah. Yeah, a little bit, yeah.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (13:42):

I mean it

Mark Harrington (13:43):

Bothers him a little bit. Stop there. It bothers him a little bit, but not enough. That’s crazy to me. I just like, okay, you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t bother you enough, you’re going to go kill the baby. Go ahead and continue on.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (13:55):

The baby’s here. No,

Mark at Planned Parenthood (13:58):

Let’s see. You got a fish and a cross on your car. Oh yeah. Is that your car?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (14:06):

Yeah. Well we, that is my mom’s car though. But without fish mean though, I never really,

Mark at Planned Parenthood (14:13):

It means it’s a signal. It’s a symbol for Jesus. Okay. Is your mother a Christian?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (14:20):

I mean we all consider ourselves Christians, but not church wise though. Not touch wise.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (14:27):

You know, God said thou shall not murder. He said thou shall not murder. Right. You know you’re violating that today. How’s that make you feel?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (14:42):

Not good.

Mark Harrington (14:44):

Stop there. You see what I’m trying to do? Any sign of Christianity that might have, I appeal to them based on that. Because if they say they’re Christian now he said he’s just driving his mother’s car. Of course. But I wanted to appeal to them and say, well basically if you’re a Christian, do you know what you’re doing? Do you often do that? Do you bring religion into

Mark at Planned Parenthood (15:06):


Molly Meyer (15:07):

Yeah, I guess depending on the situation with him. I would’ve just pointed out that this is going against the Bible.

Mark Harrington (15:16):

Yeah, he didn’t even know what the fish and the cross meant. So if he was churched, he wasn’t churched very well and his mother didn’t bring him up too well. But when I said that abortions murder and what you’re doing today is murder, he kind of agreed. This is where it gets really shocking friends that he’s willing to murder, he knows it’s murder and he’s okay with that. Go ahead and continue on.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (15:40):

But it’s already happened

Molly at Planned Parenthood (15:44):

Right now.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (15:44):

She already

Mark Harrington (15:45):

Had it happened though. Not there. Had the abortion happened,

Molly Meyer (15:50):

It surprised me now.

Mark Harrington (15:51):

Probably not. So it’s not too late still even now. Go ahead and continue on. Ready

Molly at Planned Parenthood (15:56):

For that.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (15:57):

It’s already paid

Molly at Planned Parenthood (15:58):

So it’s not too late.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (15:59):

It’s already paid and it’s not the right time right

Molly at Planned Parenthood (16:02):

Now. We can refund you for that. Did you know that

Tay at Planned Parenthood (16:05):

It’s not the right time.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (16:07):

Whatever money you paid, we can give you that money back.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (16:10):

But it still ain’t the right time.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (16:14):

We’re not. When is the right time? Stop there.

Mark Harrington (16:16):

Yeah, it stop there. This is really important. It’s not the right time to do what? Which is to be a father. That’s what he’s saying. But it was okay. It was the right time to have sex with somebody who probably doesn’t even know that. Well, that’s the kind of culture we’ve gotten. We’re turning out. So anyway, continue on baby.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (16:42):

We’re not telling you you have to father that baby. If you don’t want to take care of that child, my own family would adopt your baby.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (16:49):

Okay? Being a dad. Come on now.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (16:50):

Yeah, you don’t have to be a dad if you don’t want to. You can’t kill that baby though.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (16:55):

You’re always going to be a dad. You are a dad. You know that right now you’re a dad.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (17:02):

So y’all turn maybe feel badly.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (17:04):

No, no. We’re just trying to tell you the truth.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (17:07):


Mark at Planned Parenthood (17:07):

Listening. You are a dad. You’re a father right now. You’re just going to be a father of a dead baby if you let this go through. You got to live with that the rest of your life,

Tay at Planned Parenthood (17:17):

Bro, at the right time. God know it’s not the right time right now.

Mark Harrington (17:22):

Stop there. This is really interesting. He said, God knows it’s not the right time. Well, God knows it’s not the right time. When is a good time? Well, you get someone pregnant, it’s the right time to be a father trying to appeal to his conscious. You can tell he’s very vexed by the whole thing. Unfortunately making the wrong choice so far. Do you have any other thoughts as to what was going on there?

Molly Meyer (17:49):

Yeah, I was just going to say he’s trying to justify it in his mind by pointing to God. He sees that we’re Christians but he’s not willing to take responsibility for his actions.

Mark Harrington (18:00):

Yep. Go ahead and continue. Well, it’s not the right time then. Why you sleeping with

Tay at Planned Parenthood (18:07):


Mark Harrington (18:09):

Why are you sleeping with women

Tay at Planned Parenthood (18:10):

If it’s not the right time? I just told myself I’m not sleeping with no women unless I want to have a kid. I just told myself that two days ago. I already understand that. I already understand it.

Mark Harrington (18:23):

So here’s the interesting thing. What’s he saying here? Do you remember?

Molly Meyer (18:27):

He won’t make the mistake again.

Mark Harrington (18:29):

Which is what mistake though?

Molly Meyer (18:31):

Sleeping with someone he doesn’t love.

Mark Harrington (18:33):

Oh, I don’t think so. Is that what he said? Yeah. He said what again?

Molly Meyer (18:37):

He said that he didn’t love her earlier and so next time he sleeps with someone, it’s going to be someone he loves so that he can raise a baby with her.

Mark Harrington (18:47):

Which if he ends up doing, of course he should marry her beforehand, but that would be a good step in the right direction. But he doesn’t need to go through this in order to learn that. But at least the thing is, I’m thinking to myself, I’m listening to this guy, I’m thinking he’ll be right back here if he doesn’t change his attitude. Because generally if you think sex outside of marriage is okay, you’re going to rationalize it and you’re going to continue. He may in the same place again, unfortunately. So go ahead, continue on. He’s

Molly at Planned Parenthood (19:19):

Paying the price for what you did though. Realize that you’re killing innocent babies for something they didn’t do. You’re right. They don’t have a choice. They don’t know that it’s the wrong time. They didn’t have a choice in that.

Mark Harrington (19:35):

So what are you trying to do there?

Molly Meyer (19:37):

Trying to humanize the baby to I’m Unsu and that this baby shouldn’t have to pay the penalty for Lexington.

Mark Harrington (19:43):

Which let me ask you about that because a lot of sidewalk counselors are saying the last thing you want to talk about is the baby because sometimes they’re not thinking about the baby, they’re thinking about themselves only. And some people in sidewalk counseling think that you ought to only talk about the mother and how it’s going to harm her. How do you feel about that?

Molly Meyer (20:02):

Yeah. Well I definitely think we should be talking about the mother and the effects that this can have on her. But ultimately the reason it’s wrong is because it’s killing a baby. Not that it’s going to harm the mother emotionally or physically or spiritually. The problem is that it’s intentionally killing babies. I also think it’s important to appeal to this guy’s manhood and show him that this is his child who he should be protecting.

Mark Harrington (20:28):

Right. Alright, continue on so she won’t change her mind. Are you trying to change her mind or you just,

Tay at Planned Parenthood (20:38):

I’m just cool. I’m just neutral.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (20:47):

This is what abortion does. That’s what abortion does. See those babies.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (20:57):

I know it’s all sad or I know it’s wrong for them, but it got to happen though.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (21:02):

If it’s wrong, it doesn’t have to happen because there are people who would help you. Okay, we would help you with whatever you guys are going through. Whatever you need. Why don’t you think you guys are ready right now?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (21:17):

It’s really

Mark Harrington (21:18):

Here. Let’s stop before we get there. Why did you show ’em the abortion picture?

Molly Meyer (21:22):

Because I think everyone has the right to know what’s happening in an abortion and he should know before he makes that decision, when think he should be allowed to make that decision. But as long as he is, he should know what’s happening.

Mark Harrington (21:36):

And there are others who say that you shouldn’t use vote victim photography at the abortion clinics because it only offends angers and drives people into the clinic. What is your experience?

Molly Meyer (21:50):

Obviously we do have people who get upset over that, but we also meet people regularly who say that if they had seen the children killed by abortion, if they had seen what abortion does to a baby, they wouldn’t have chosen that. We also know that we can’t reach every woman who’s coming in and out. And so just them seeing that photo, if they’re there for a consultation, if they haven’t yet killed their child by seeing that, that could change their mind and save children.

Mark Harrington (22:16):

And you got to keep in mind, although you don’t see it in the video, we have signs that are displayed around the Planned Parenthood on the sidewalks showing prenatal development photos and abortion pictures. You just happened to show it to him personally. You see his reaction? He wasn’t angered and offense. He didn’t say, oh, you guys are right wing zealots and run inside the building. He took it in. He understood what he was doing. Go ahead and continue on.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (22:42):

First off, it’s her friends on the second off. I don’t think she got her legal papers yet in the mail to be here.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (22:50):

Okay, so she’s not supposed to be here legally. Is that what you mean?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (22:56):


Molly at Planned Parenthood (22:56):

We can still help her.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (22:58):

I know. I don’t know how her and her family work. I don’t think her family know about this. Yeah,

Mark Harrington (23:04):

Probably not.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (23:06):

Well that’s hard. But that still doesn’t mean that she should kill the child. Right?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (23:11):


Mark Harrington (23:14):

That’s just crazy. You’re right. Now more than likely, this young lady is an illegal alien. Not in the country. Legally. The family is here, family probably doesn’t know anything that’s going on here. And he keeps saying, you’re right, you’re right, you’re right. And yet he’s going through with it. What’s so frustrating about this? And we could have a story of a baby that was saved and someone, and we have those of women that we speak to that changed their minds and that happens on the sidewalks. But more often it’s more like this where you’ll be able to speak to them and they end up deciding to go in anyway. And the reason why we’re playing this is just to let people know what it’s like to be outside of one of these abortion centers and the level of understanding that this young man has about what he’s exactly doing. And yet he’s going to go in and do it anyway with his girlfriend. Go ahead and continue on.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (24:13):

So you should go in and say, I’ll help you. I’ll give you what you need to take care of this baby. We will stand alongside her. We’ll support her for as long as she needs help. Okay. Killing her baby, doing this to her baby. You don’t want her to have to live with that for the rest of her life. You don’t want to live with this knowing that you drove with here to kill her baby.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (24:38):

Yeah, I’m sad to say, but I ain’t taking my mom.

Mark Harrington (24:42):

Alright, stop here. Tell me what you’re doing there.

Molly Meyer (24:47):

I’m still trying to appeal to the humanity of his child, but also point to the fact that this is going to hurt him and the woman by showing that he’s not going to be able to take back what he’s done. He’s going to have to live with this and we shouldn’t make this choice.

Mark Harrington (25:03):

And he obviously is not thinking about that at all. I mean, he’s thinking about let’s get this done and over with and I’ll go on with my life and I won’t be affected by this wrong. I mean he will and he just doesn’t care. He figures he’ll deal with it later and that’s the problem. They don’t really understand the impact that this is going to have on their lives. Obviously they’ve killed the baby, so they’re a murderer. But also now they’ve got to live with the guilt. So go ahead and continue on. And that’s what you’re appealing to them now?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (25:31):

I can’t tell It’s already too late. No,

Molly at Planned Parenthood (25:33):

It’s not too late. We already said we can refund you if she has not gone, but they have not yet used the tools to kill that baby. It’s not tonight. You can still go inside and say,

Mark at Planned Parenthood (25:43):

If you went in and said, I don’t want you to kill the baby today. Would she walk out with you? If you said, I’m going to do the right thing and stand by you and this child.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (25:55):

That’d be a lie though. Why I ain’t going to be there to do the nine oh months. I know I’m not.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (26:01):

Why not? I know I’m not there.

Mark Harrington (26:02):

You go. There you go. Stop there. He said that would be a lie. In other words, he has no intention of standing with that child and with her and fathering the child or placing the baby for her adoption. And that’s the issue. It’s all about him. He’s just thinking about right now, how do I get out of this situation? Not thinking about the future, not thinking about the baby, not thinking about her at all. And that’s why, I mean, we keep appealing using some of the same arguments to try to get him to think, but he’s just like, I’m done. So go ahead and continue.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (26:35):

Tell her we’ll see it alongside

Mark at Planned Parenthood (26:38):

That. Why not? Why not? She don’t

Tay at Planned Parenthood (26:38):

Know support y’all. She probably won’t support for me, but I ain’t going to be able to give it to him

Mark at Planned Parenthood (26:44):

I already know. How do you know? Why can’t you do that? I don’t know. 18. I’d be an actor whether I’m in Columbus. People do hard things.

Mark Harrington (26:54):

What is wrong with this generation of men? That’s exemplified in this young man.

Molly Meyer (27:00):

Yeah. He wants to live however he wants to live without varying the consequences for that. Wants to sleep around and create babies and kill them without having to provide for anyone.

Mark Harrington (27:12):

Exactly. And we’ve raised up a generation that think that’s okay. Abortion’s an option for them. They can get off the hook, spend a couple hundred bucks and they’re out the door leaving her behind. He’ll probably never see her again. And that’s the problem. We’re not calling them to a higher standard and he can get away with this the rest of his life. Unfortunately, we’ve created a culture that enables this type of behavior for young men. Go ahead and continue on.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (27:38):

Right. People do hard things. That’s what

Mark Harrington (27:42):

You’re right. You’re right. That’s what drives me. That’s

Mark at Planned Parenthood (27:44):

What it takes character. It takes character to do hard things. And people live through it too. And they’re better off for it. They look back and say, I did the right thing. It was hard, but I did the right thing. And they don’t regret it. They did it right. This is my last time, time ever here. You’re going to regret. You’re going to regret what you did. I am

Tay at Planned Parenthood (28:12):

Going to regret.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (28:15):

It’ll haunt you your whole life.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (28:17):


Mark at Planned Parenthood (28:19):

And you don’t,

Molly at Planned Parenthood (28:20):

You have a choice in that.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (28:21):

You don’t have to have that. Yeah, you don’t have to have it haunt you.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (28:28):

This is a baby whose mom I got in contact with and I helped her. She had four other children. We were able to help her get a house. We’re able to provide her with whatever resources she needs. This is her baby. Now I’m talking

Tay at Planned Parenthood (28:40):

About emotional support. I’m not talking about financially emotional support. What kind of support? Emotional. I ain’t going to be there for

Molly at Planned Parenthood (28:45):

Emotional. Yeah, I ain’t going to be there. We can be there for her.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (28:49):


Mark Harrington (28:49):

Stop there. That was really good that you brought that out. Now that was that a baby that you guys helped save at the clinic there? Why did you do that?

Molly Meyer (28:58):

Because I’ve found it helpful before to point people to other real people who’ve gone through similar situations like them have considered abortion but have chosen life. And I think it’s helpful for them to see a real life example of that. And so that’s why I showed him the baby, just to show him that this could be your baby

Mark Harrington (29:18):

And the sky didn’t fall and their lives aren’t ended and their lives aren’t ruined. And people can do hard things and he doesn’t want to do hard things. He wants to do easy things he wants out of this and he’ll kill a baby to do it. So frustrating about it. Very little we could do right now to appeal to him. It’s really unusual that he’s still standing there, to be honest with you, at this point. He’s just like, he’s already made his mind up yet he still wants to speak to us, which tells me he still has that little bit of conscience in him. Says maybe I’ll find a reason out of this. Go ahead. Continue on.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (29:51):

That’s not right.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (29:52):

Why is that not right? It’s better to kill that baby.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (29:55):


Molly at Planned Parenthood (29:57):

No. Do you realize that’s the side you’re taking? You’re taking the side to kill an innocent baby.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (30:03):

He knows that. That’s the sad part.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (30:07):

You’re a dad. You’re responsible for that child. Sorry. You’re responsible to take, you’re supposed to take responsibility for your actions. Okay. You helped create that baby by standing back and saying, kill your child. I’m not going to help you. That’s very self.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (30:24):

Well, but if she said I wanted to keep it from the jump, it would’ve never got to this point. She was cool. She was cool with a Jerome school with it, so.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (30:34):

So you’re cool with feeling a baby?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (30:38):

That’s what you want me to say? Yes. No, I don’t. You keep on asking me to keep on saying that. You want me to say that?

Molly at Planned Parenthood (30:45):

No. I want you to say, I don’t want to kill a baby and I’ll do whatever I can to stop that from happening. I’ll be

Tay at Planned Parenthood (30:50):


Molly at Planned Parenthood (30:52):


Tay at Planned Parenthood (30:53):


Mark Harrington (30:54):

See, here’s the thing. He acts like he’s powerless, is he?

Molly Meyer (31:01):

No. And he even admitted earlier that if he had gone inside and stood up for the baby, she probably would have chosen not to get an abortion.

Mark Harrington (31:10):

So he is not powerless. He just acts like he is and he’s making excuses for his behavior. Go ahead and continue on. Sad.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (31:19):

But it’s sad because how y’all try to make it seem, it’s sad in general, but you know how many people have abortions a day? You know how many people that had multiple abortions the same person? Come on now.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (31:29):

Well, I don’t think we’re making you feel a particular way. You know it’s not right in your heart. Repeating it.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (31:36):

You right, you right. But

Mark at Planned Parenthood (31:37):

Repeat in your heart. You didn’t need us to

Tay at Planned Parenthood (31:39):

Tell you. Don’t repeat it. You right.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (31:42):

It’s in your heart, man. We have a conscience.

Mark Harrington (31:45):

So stop there for a second. Is it your, you’ve been at the abortion centers for a long time. Is it your belief that most of the people that go inside know what they’re doing?

Molly at Planned Parenthood (31:58):

Yes, I think so.

Mark Harrington (31:59):

I mean, they know they may be misled to a degree or pressured and all those things, but they’re not really victims. I mean, many of them, this boy, he knows exactly what’s going on. She probably does too. And we get this idea that they’re victims. They’re not victims. Most of them are not. They know exactly what they’re doing. He knows. He says, we’re making him feel guilty. The point I made is no, your conscience is the one that’s making you feel that way. You didn’t need us standing here. If we weren’t even there that day, he might’ve felt just as guilty as he is right now. Go ahead and continue on. He’s almost waiting for us to come up with something that gets him up to find a way out that makes sense. But he just can’t come up with. And honestly, what else is there other than us going inside kidnapping the girl or whatever. There’s really little that we can do at this point. Go ahead and continue on. What are saying there? I can’t hear it.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (33:00):

I don’t

Mark Harrington (33:00):

Even remember. All right. She got,

Tay at Planned Parenthood (33:03):

How do you know she ready?

Molly at Planned Parenthood (33:05):

I know she’s ready.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (33:06):

Yeah, she done.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (33:07):

You know what?

Mark Harrington (33:13):

We’re still appealing with him, even at this point in hopes that he’ll change his mind.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (33:23):

This was accidentally he was having sex. I don’t know. You act like I planned on saying, oh yeah, I’m going to have a kid dealing, wish she actually pregnant. I’m here trying to make her get a voice. And that’s not how it is. That’s not how it’s at all.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (33:38):


Mark Harrington (33:40):

Okay. So how do you respond to that?

Molly Meyer (33:42):

Yeah. Well, I would say that’s not the case. We don’t know. I mean, he laid around. He was sleeping around with a woman and created a baby through that. I’m not saying that his intention was to get her pregnant, I don’t think it was. But regardless of that, that doesn’t justify killing the baby.

Mark Harrington (34:04):

I mean, consent to sex is consent to pregnancy. Everybody knows this isn’t rocket science. If you sleep with a woman, there’s a possibility you’re going to get pregnant even if you’re using birth control. So we know that that’s a possibility. So consent to sex is consent to pregnancy, but consent to pregnancy and getting someone pregnant is not necessarily, you got to go have an abortion. So it’s not on us already. He’s an independent moral actor in this case. Go ahead and continue on.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (34:32):

We not in love. We not be cool. I mean, I ain’t going to say, I mean, we cool. Yeah, I can’t say, but No, I dunno.

Molly at Planned Parenthood (34:43):

The fact that you’re not

Mark Harrington (34:44):

In love, right? We’re not in love. Which is the problem. Not only are they not in love, they’re not married, go ahead and continue. That

Molly at Planned Parenthood (34:54):

Doesn’t change the fact that that’s still shouldn’t have slept with her if you’re not in love with her. If you’re not ready to have a

Tay at Planned Parenthood (35:03):

Child. That’s how I you. That’s how I, you

Molly at Planned Parenthood (35:05):

Me that way.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (35:07):

I’ve been that way. I don’t have No, you have feelings with every girl you did it with. No.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (35:16):

Well, we all make mistakes. I don’t sleep around.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (35:21):

Yeah, I know. But when you was young, this is my first year out of high school. When your first year, well, I tell you this, you wasn’t in love just making do it. Let

Mark at Planned Parenthood (35:29):

Me say this. You say you’re not going to do it again.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (35:33):

Well, no, I’m talking about abortion.

Mark at Planned Parenthood (35:35):

What’s going to stop you from

Mark Harrington (35:37):

Getting a woman pregnant?

Tay at Planned Parenthood (35:38):

That’s what’s going to stop you. I ain’t doing it unless I have a kid with her. So I’m pretty much saying I’m only doing it with love. I’m only having sex with love pretty much. Because this is, I mean, it’s lame. It is lying. It is. I ain’t going to lie, but it’s life. I dunno. I don’t going to be trying to make it seem like that.

Mark Harrington (36:02):

There he goes.

Tay at Planned Parenthood (36:03):


Mark Harrington (36:06):

Well, sadly, he goes in and doesn’t come back out until he comes out with her and the abortion’s, Ben performed, baby’s dead. And friends, this is a difficult situation. It may have been difficult to watch. It’s kind of long and the same questions being asked and answered over and over again. But we are just doing everything we can to try to plead with this young man to save the baby today and make the right decision. And unfortunately, he goes in and anyway, but not for lack of effort on our part. And he says he is not going to be here again, maybe, hopefully, but without coming to grips with what he’s doing, which is he has sex with multiple women, which is unlikely to change. He goes, he kind of said, well, that’s just what I do. And unfortunately there are a lot of young men that do that and don’t think about the consequences. Well, Molly, do you have any parting words here? I mean, talk about this generally, and this is common, uncommon. I mean, just what you experience in front of the abortion centers.

Molly Meyer (37:10):

Yeah. So this is a little more of a unique conversation. Normally they don’t stay that long. But for anyone who’s considering CY Counseling, I think this is very important work. We’ve got to be reaching those who are going into the clinic. We’ve got to be advocating for those being, this is the last line of defense for those children. So I’d encourage everyone to go out, at least be praying out there, but also advocating for those children.

Mark Harrington (37:40):

Right? And as you’re listening, your colleagues, thinking to yourself, well, I would’ve done this differently. Or I would’ve said that, listen, that happens. We’re not going to speak perfectly. But we try to speak from the heart. We try to speak directly to the is issue and to the person. Don’t beat around the bush. You don’t have a whole lot of time. This individual gave us almost 15 minutes, which is very unusual. But I wanted to give you an idea. Sometimes we face this and the abortion centers are very dark place. They’re a desperate place or a sad place. And because of that, people don’t want to come out and do what we do. I mean, who wants to sit through that and watch this guy go in and kill their baby? I mean, it’s just very discouraging, very difficult. But somebody’s got to do it and we do it.


And you can too. Friends, you can go to create Let us know that you want to be part of our Sidewalk counseling team. That is if you’re in Columbus, Ohio. And if you’re not, we’ll connect you with Sidewalk Advocates for Life or other groups around the country depending on where you are. So you can go out and make a difference. Now, this individual did not save his baby, didn’t do the right thing, had the abortion with his girlfriend. But we don’t know where he’ll go from here. We’re going to continue to pray for Tay that his life would change. We prayed this morning that life would change, that he definitely would not end up here at the abortion center again. That he would begin to respect women, decide that he’s going to only have sex within the confines of marriage and find that woman that he can commit to for life. So thanks for tuning in. God bless you. We’ll see you next time.

Outro (39:10):

You’ve been listening to Mark Harrington, your radio activist. For more information on how to make a difference for the cause of life, liberty and justice, go to created To follow mark, go to Mark Harrington Be sure to tune in next time for your marching orders in the Culture War.