The Biggest Threat | The Mark Harrington Show | 10-24-19

On Monday, despite valiant efforts by UK pro-life groups the British Parliament forced Northern Ireland to remove all limits an abortion.

Across the globe democratic nations are decimalizing abortion. In the US, things are a bit different. We still have a fighting chance.

Here are some facts:

The US abortion rate reached a historic low in 2017. Most pro-lifers would point to the implementation of abortion restrictions, and clinic closures as the reasons.

Chemical abortions (done by RU-486, or the abortion pill) make up 39% of the total abortions performed. Of total abortions performed, 88% happen in the first 12 weeks; of that 88%, almost half are done via the abortion pill.

The abortion pill, and self-managed abortions are skewing the abortion numbers. This is the battle ahead and I think few are sounding the alarm.

On today’s show, Mark discusses the biggest threat the pro-life movement – the abortion pill and self-managed abortions and how we can combat them.

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