The Dems are coming! The Dems are coming! | The Mark Harrington Show | 10-10-19

On October 15th, the eyes of much of America will be turned to Westerville, OH for the fourth presidential debate. Westerville is suburb of Columbus, the hometown of Created Equal. After traveling across the US to protest these debates, its nice that the Dems are saving us time and money by coming to us this time!

Recently, failed candidate Hillary Clinton recently bemoaned that, “In the last Democratic debate, there was not one single question about abortion rights. It has to be a critical issue in 2020.”

She need not worry. 2020 is all about abortion. The candidates have been falling all over themselves to make feticide a central issue in the campaign. And of course, the reason Democrats are advancing impeachment of the President has to do with one issue – Roe v. Wade.

Democrats know that they don’t have a candidate that can beat Trump in 2020, and they also know that there will be a vacancy on the SCOTUS next summer. Democrats know Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not long for the SCOTUS. So, they are trying to take down (or at least degrade) Trump so he cannot fill the vacancy.

Additionally, it appears the police state tactics we experienced in Detroit may be coming to Otterbein University.  Created Equal is suing the City Detroit for infringing upon our first amendment rights at the July debate.

The City of Westerville has announced rules for demonstrators during the event.

See the posting on the City of Westerville’s website:

Here is an excerpt from the site:

PLEASE NOTE: Otterbein University is a private campus. Absolutely no Free Speech activities may take place on private property without the express written consent of Otterbein University.

This is the same campus where students attempted to get the university to buy the sidewalk Created Equal routinely demonstrates on in order to keep us off.

God forbid that people would be allowed to express themselves on a college campus!

Now for some good news from Ohio!

In 2018, a total number of 20,425 abortions were performed, which is a 2% decrease from 2017 and a 31% decline over the last decade. This marks the lowest level since Ohio abortion records started in 1976. 

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