The Final Act of Charity for the Abandoned Unborn – Guest: Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller | The Mark Harrington Show | 7-15-21

On June 7, 2021, a pro-life volunteer for Citizens for a Pro-Life Society decided to search the trash containers of the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center (NEOWC) abortion clinic, located at 2021 State Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. As the volunteer carefully looked though each bag, he discovered something most profoundly sad and shocking—the dismembered body of an aborted baby, approximately 16 to 18 weeks gestation, killed by the dilation and evacuation abortion method. The aborted baby had been hidden, wrapped up in a blood-stained blue surgical pad used during the abortion procedure. The left leg, left foot, and right hand of the baby was found in the NEOWC dumpster, as well as the name of one clinic abortionist on a prescription.

See the photos a Baby Gianna here:

About the photos of abortion victims shown at the press conference, Dr. Monica Miller said, “We are looking at something the human eye is not meant to see. Your mind is now scarred by the image of what happened to this baby, and you will carry this image with you – you will be marked by the death of this baby.”

On today’s episode, Dr. Monica Miller discusses rescuing children from abortion centers and trash dumpsters. Monica also discusses Red Rose Rescues, during which a team of pro-lifers enter the actual places where the innocent unborn are about to be “dragged to death.”

  • Monica’s book, Abandoned: The Untold Stories of the Abortion Wars is the story of those children abandoned by abortion, and it is the story of their courageous defenders. Order the book here:


Red Rose Rescuers peacefully talk to women scheduled for abortion, with the goal of persuading them to choose life. They offer to them red roses as a sign of life, peace, and love. Should the unborn still “totter to execution,” Red Rose Rescuers stay in the place of execution in solidarity with their abandoned brothers and sisters, performing a non-violent act of defense.

Please share this shocking story and pray for the conversion of NEOWC abortionists David Burkons and Christine Slotta. Pray also that the baby, who was murdered and thrown into the clinic trash, will be vindicated!

Please watch, listen, and share.

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