The Great Reset: How to Win in the Biden Era | The Mark Harrington Show | 1-21-21

“From the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, and knew what Israel should do.” 1 Chron 12:32

Historically, Created Equal travels to the annual DC March for Life next week to represent abortion victims to the marchers using our Jumbo Tron. Unfortunately, last week the March for Life cancelled the event.

But God had another plan! Missouri has become an abortion free!

At a time where our movement is being forced to play defense politically, Missouri becoming the first abortion free state reminds us that we cannot look to Washington, DC to solve the scourge of abortion killing.  The daily work of changing minds needs to continue to happen at the state and local level not Washington, DC.

But even with this victory the future is going to be challenging. The question is: Where should we be devoting our efforts now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated?

On this episode of The Mark Harrington Show. Mark speaks with Troy Newman of Operation Rescue about the great reset taking place in America as result of the events of 2020.

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