The “Intensity Gap” w/ Christen Pollo

The “Intensity Gap” w/ Christen Pollo | The Mark Harrington Show | 3-28-19

Pro-life young people out number pro-abortion youth not just numerically but also in vigor.

According to a NARAL survey conducted recently, 51% of voters younger than age 30 who oppose abortion rights consider it a “very important” voting issue, compared with 26% of their peers who support abortion rights.

The “intensity gap,” as it has been referred to by former NARAL president Nancy Keenan, demonstrates that the pro-life movement is winning the long-term battle of recruiting new activists to the fold.

Mark interviews Christen Pollo, Executive Director of Protect Life Michigan (PLMI), as she discusses how her organization is winning the next generation.

Christen shares how her organization was represented at the White House recently supporting president Trump’s executive order on free speech. Also, PLMI is partnering with Created Equal on campuses throughout Michigan.

Mark gives an update on the progress of the Ohio Heartbeat Bill.

Watch and listen to Mark discuss these issues and provide practical action every American can take who loves life and liberty.