The Lies in ‘Vote Yes on Issue 1’ Ads

Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights is running TV ads supporting Ohio Issue 1. These ads make false claims about the abortion amendment on the Ohio ballot on November 7, 2023, such as how voting no on Issue 1 will criminalize miscarriage care and birth control. Also, the ads claim that if the amendment doesn’t pass an abortion ban will go into effect.

On this week’s episode of the Mark Harrington show, Mark reacts to the pro-abortion Issue 1 ads running in Ohio, explains the facts, and shares some good news regarding Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill.

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Mark Harrington (00:00):

Pro-abortion issue one ads have hit the airwaves here in Ohio. I’ll have a response to these messages from hell. Also, I’ll be talking about the heartbeat law. Does it save lives? Well, the numbers are in activist radio, the Mark Harrington show brought to you by Created Equal and we are the organization that goes to college and high school campuses all across America. And we are currently leading the statewide door to door campaign against Issue one. And I want people to know if they want to get involved, they can come to Ohio and volunteer for that, or they can do phone banking anywhere in the country. And the way they can get involved is go to our slash issue one that’s created one. And also if you want to donate to our organization, you can go to created So today what we’re going to do is we’re going to be talking about these abortion ads that have hit the airways here most recently.


The other side that is Planned Parenthood, the A C L U. All the pro-abortion groups are ponying up all their money, blood money that is to try to saturate the airwaves with lies. Lies about abortion, lies about issue one. And so what we want to do, we’re going to go through each one of these ads. Now these are either currently playing or they have played and I will respond to each one of them as we go through them. So here’s the first one, and this one is called Protecting Freedom. So go ahead and play this clip.

Ad (01:58):

When we face personal medical decisions, we depend on our doctors, our faith, our family, and the last thing we want is government making those decisions for us. That’s why voting yes on one is so important. It ends Ohio’s extreme abortion. Ban a ban with no exceptions for rape or incest issue. One even protects birth control and emergency care from miscarriages. So Ohio families will always have the freedom to make the most personal of decisions. Vote yes.

Mark Harrington (02:29):

This ad is if you’re a pro-abortion advocate, this is a good ad because it lies throughout. It’s all full of lies and propaganda. So let’s go through this one at a time. This is again the pro board ad that’s been running and it says that this is up to, should be up to doctors to decide along with the patient. Now remember those doctors, who are they? They’re the child killers, they’re the abortionists. So we want to leave it up to them. And it says that this is a personal medical decision. Murdering a baby is not a personal medical decision. It has nothing to do with medicine. It may be personal because you want to kill somebody, but it’s not a medical decision for sure. And it says in the ad that it’s between your doctors, your faith. It doesn’t say God doesn’t know Jesus Christ doesn’t say your religion.


It says your faith. So I would say what is the faith placed in right faith in what? Obviously not faith in the Christian God because the Christian God, according to the Bible in the 10 commandments, six commandments says Thou shall not shed innocent blood. So the Christian faith teaches that abortion is murder. Unless your faith is in Satan and you attend the church of Satan, which they believe that this is one of their tenants that is child killing, you’re not going to be relying on faith to help you with their decision. And then your family, the unborn are part of your family. If you’ve conceived and you’re a mother, that child’s part of your family, you’re not consulting that child because that child you want to kill. And then it says, government should not interfere in the decisions, personal decisions. Well, in America, at least currently for now, we are a government that is by the people, for the people and of the people.


So we are the government in America, we are the government, and when it comes to murder, the government should get involved. That’s one of the main responsibilities of government is to protect the weak against the strong and to punish evil doers according to Romans chapter 13. So the government forces us to do a lot of things that are hopefully prevents us from doing a lot of things that are immoral. For an example, you can’t murder. You’re not at least supposed to unless you’re going to kill your baby by abortion, you can’t steal, you can’t rob a bank, you’re not supposed to rape, you’re not supposed to. A lot of different things, right? So the government does force its morality on individuals and when it comes to abortion, interesting enough, the government does force parents that is fathers generally to pay child support even if they did not want that baby to come into the world.


So the government does force us to do a lot of things. Another thing is that the government forces to pay taxes to things we don’t necessarily always approve of. For an example, in the federal government, we’re paying taxes that are going towards Planned Parenthood. So the idea that the government should get involved, well, they are involved and they should be involved, especially when it comes to murdering innocent human life. It talks about the extreme abortion ban. It’s extreme. You got to freak everybody out. An abortion ban, it’s extreme. What’s extreme about protecting life at heartbeat when the heartbeat is detected in the state of Ohio, that means that that child should be protected. That’s not extreme. The heartbeat is kind of the universal understanding of when life begins, even though it begins earlier, begins at its fertilization. We all understand that if there’s a heartbeat, there’s life.


We’ve reasoned to that conclusion. Therefore, why is it extreme to protect life at a heartbeat? I don’t think so. And it’s not an abortion ban. In fact, it doesn’t go far enough. The heartbeat Bill doesn’t protect all children only protects children that are capable of a detectable heartbeat. A real abortion ban, an authentic one would be at the time of conception or fertilization, and it would bring about the penalties to those who kill an unborn baby after that point. And so that would be a real abortion ban. Then it talks about how rape and incest exceptions are not included in the law, which in my opinion of course is a good thing because we should not discriminate against individuals. Humans who are conceived through violence, rape, and incest, those who have been conceived that way should not be killed just because of the sins or the actions of the father.


That should not be the case. So they deserve the right to life just like anyone else, whether they were conceived in love or violence, they do not deserve the death penalty. The person that deserved the death penalty more than likely is the rapist themselves. And then finally, the last big lie is that emergency care for miscarriages will no longer be provided. Now, this is just a big fat lie. Even in the law, the heartbeat bill law, there is an exception or it even specifically exempts. Miscarriages from the prosecution of the law. And honestly, this doesn’t even pass the smell test folks. There’s nobody alive that thinks that a miscarriage is an abortion. It’s a different thing altogether. Miscarriage is natural, right? There’s a reason why that baby died naturally, where abortion, the purposeful and intentional dismembering disempowering of an unborn baby in utero. So there’s a big difference here. I hope the Ohioans aren’t going to buy this stuff, but I don’t know. These are big lies that a lot of people believe. So, all right, that’s the first ad that’s running here in the state of Ohio. Here’s the second one. It’s called broken. It talks about how the laws are supposedly broken here in the state of Ohio. Go ahead and play this clip.

Ad (09:28):

When we first heard her heartbeat, the doctor said She’s perfect. Then at 18 weeks, doctors told us there was no way she was going to be able to live and abortion was our only option.

Ad (09:41):

But the government here in Ohio took that decision away from us.

Ad (09:44):

We had to leave the state in order to get the care that I needed. Because the law in Ohio is broken Voting yes on issue one is the only way to fix this.

Ad (09:54):

What happened to us could happen to anyone. Vote yes.

Mark Harrington (09:59):

This ad, I just want to vomit. It’s so grotesque and disgusting. First of all, she talks about how the baby at 18 weeks was perfect, but they did not have any option other than to abort the baby when they got a negative diagnosis of the child. Well, 18 weeks friends in three weeks from then, from 18 weeks, that child can live, live outside the womb. We call it liability. And a lot of children live outside the womb between 20 and 24 weeks. So why is it that if they got this diagnosis, which nobody wants, of course, why do they feel like they have to dismember the baby? Why do they have to murder the baby? That baby within three weeks could be delivered and given the proper neonatal care in a hospital and allowed the course of events to take place, which if the baby were going to die, could have given the proper comfort care to allow a dignified treatment of that child.


Instead, they make this couple out to be the compassionate ones who killed their child because that child wasn’t perfect and was supposedly going to die. There’s a lot of diagnoses that are diagnoses, I guess you could say that we hear from OBGYNs who tell parents that their child is going to die once they’re born or they have some kind of fatal deformity or abnormality. And the truth is sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they get it wrong. This is playing God. It’s deciding who lives and dies based on whether they are fit. And that’s just eugenics. That’s all this is. It’s killing the unfit supposedly, and they make this couple out to be so kind and caring and compassionate and the best thing they could have done is killed their baby. And then you’re supposed to feel sorry for them because they had to leave the state to do it.


See, burdening people in order to murder their children is the least that we should do. The fact that they had to drive a little while to murder their baby shouldn’t be something we should be feeling bad about. And she says, the only way to fix this is to pass this issue one, which would prevent the heartbeat bill from going into effect. Well, that’s not what it will do. This bill, or you should call it a constitutional amendment, will expand abortion even up to the very moment of birth that is unlimited abortion through all stages of pregnancy. It’ll remove parental rights for their children when it comes to abortion and even possibly sex change surgeries and it eliminates, it wipes out all the restrictions and regulations that have been put into place over the last several decades here in the state of Ohio. So it doesn’t fix it. It makes things much worse and expands abortion. So this one’s the big lie. They’re all lies, but this one’s the most hideous one of all, because they make this couple who murdered their child out to be some kind of loving, caring parent. No parent who kills their baby, cares about that child. They care about themselves. That’s it. Alright, next one is called Ban. This is a 15 second ad ad. Go ahead and play this clip.

Ad (13:46):

What could happen in Ohio if issue one doesn’t pass abortion banned with no exceptions for rape or incest, and women who miscarry could be denied emergency care. So vote yes on one to stop Ohio’s extreme abortion ban.

Mark Harrington (14:01):

Again, very effective, unfortunately scaring people into believing that this real extreme abortion ban that protects children in a heartbeat, which is the universal sign of life, is somehow extreme. And if you vote yes, you’ll keep it from going to effect. Well, we don’t know that for sure. The Ohio Supreme Court right now has the law in front of itself and it has not make a ruling and who knows how they’re going to end up ruling. Again, they talk about the miscarriages and how this will affect those. So anyone who’s had a miscarriage or will have one might be treated like they were killing their baby by abortion. If this constitutional amendment doesn’t go into effect. Again, there is no physician, no physician in any state in the union where they passed bans against abortion, where women who miscarried have not have been refused or rejected from having the proper type of care.


It’s just a lie from the pit of hell like all of this stuff is. And the truth of the matter is, after 11 weeks of the heartbeat bill being in effect here in the state of Ohio in 2022, the sky didn’t fall. Friends, the world didn’t end. Actually, we saw the decrease in abortion and unfortunately, to be honest with you, women who wanted to have an abortion could cross state lines. So it’s still legal in other states. It’s the idea that it’s going to stop this extreme abortion ban again is a lie. All right, next clip, another 15 second pro-abortion clip, pro-abortion ad from the pit of hell. Go ahead and play this one.

Ad (15:46):

When it comes to abortion, Ohio’s extreme ban goes too far because it has no exceptions for rape or incest. And if issue one fails, that ban could soon be law Vote yes on one to stop Ohio’s extreme abortion ban.

Mark Harrington (16:01):

Again, this is kind of the same theme being repeated over and over again to try to convince Ohioans that this extreme, extreme abortion ban will be put into effect if the constitutional amendment does not pass in November. Again, that’s speculation. We don’t know the Ohio Supreme Court’s going to rule on this. What is extreme about protecting children at a heartbeat? I don’t think it’s any, and I think most people would understand that would be a decent place to start. It doesn’t go far enough is my opinion, of course. And we know by science that the life begins of fertilization and that’s where we should protecting life. But the heartbeat law has saved lives, and we do pray and hope that it would go into effect starting in early next year, possibly when the Supreme Court of Ohio rules on it. That is given if the constitutional amendment here in Ohio is actually defeated on November 7th, as we were preparing to air this show, pro boards have come out with a new ad. It’s breaking news and I want to respond to the ads. So go ahead and play that.

Ad (17:16):

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. It’s good advice every day. As a pastor, I’ve counseled families on the most important personal decisions, even abortion. Abortion is a private family decision. Government needs to stay out of family. What issue one is all about, it gives families the freedom to make their own decisions without judgment and without the government getting involved. Vote yes.

Mark Harrington (17:47):

Well Friends as a Bible believing Christian, I hate abortion, but I can tell you something I hate when people like this so-called pastors twist scripture to support or condone child killing. Nothing angers me more than that. And as you see, they take this admonition that Jesus made in John chapter seven verse one that says, do not judge lest ye be judged, and they use it as a blanket exemption for all people to never discern between right or wrong. Of course, that’s not what Jesus meant. In fact, you just have to go a little further in the chapter to John chapter seven, verse 24, where he said that when you judge, do not judge according to appearance only, but judge with righteous judgment. The admonition to not judge was based on the idea that we should not be hypocrites. It’s not a blanket exemption against judging altogether.


This scripture is probably the most quoted scripture by baby killers and those who condone evil. And we as Christians should stand up against this and call these people out as false prophets. This man is not a reverend, he’s not a pastor. He’s being used by the evil one to promote abortion, killing, using the very words of our savior Jesus Christ. And we friends as Christians and as pastors, as congregations all around the state of Ohio ought to get vocal. This ought to make us get out and get out to vote and tell our congregations not only to vote no on issue one, but to go out and recruit others to do the same. This is the type of stuff we can expect from the evil one, right? To take the words of Christ and twist them to mean something that he didn’t mean. Now, for the good news, we’re going to play you our ad, which has been airing here in the state of Ohio, and we’ve got a two week buy right now, and it’s on broadcast tv, also digital and cable. So if you’re one that watches TV, and I don’t much, but you’re likely going to see this, this played this week on Monday Night Football. I played it once before on the show, but I think it bears going ahead and playing it again. I think this is a powerful ad and frankly, we’re the only ones who got the ad, the pro-life ads up right now. So go ahead and play the clip.

Claire Culwell (20:30):

My birth mom was a scared teenager when she was forced into a late term abortion because of a doctor’s mistake. I survived, but my twin did not. I was left, broken and hurt. Late term abortion is real and so is the pain, but the pro-choice industry wants it right up to birth. Abortions that are too late, too painful and too extreme for Ohio. Will you stand for victims? Please say no to late term abortion in Ohio.

Mark Harrington (21:00):

What a powerful ad. And we’re getting lots of great response from this. Again, this is playing in the state of Ohio. It’s playing in all the major cities and friends. You can support it. This ad that is, and we’re going to continue to play it for the next several weeks, maybe even up to election day if the funds are available. And you can support it by going to create it equal org slash donate. That’s created This ad features Claire Caldwell, which I had on the show last week telling about her story where she was spared abortion but her twin was not, and she was delivered at 30 weeks premature and lived to she survived a late term abortion and is now telling the world about it. So friends, I want to end the program with some really good news, and that is that the Ohio Heartbeat law that was put into effect in 2022 for 11 weeks, according to the Ohio Department of Health Statistics, their own numbers, there were thirty three hundred and twenty five children that were spirit abortion from the prior year.


That means that in 2022, there were 18,488 abortions in the state of Ohio. And in 2021 there were 21,813. That’s a difference of 3,325 babies that were saved because probably most directly because of the heartbeat bill or lobbying in effect for 11 weeks. So all those naysayers out there that said to me, the heartbeat Bill won’t save a single life. You’re wrong. The numbers are in, and they don’t lie. Heartbeat, bills, save lives. Now you can say, well, people went across the borders like this woman who was in one of these ads. That happens. Sure it does. But as far as the state statistics, there are a lot of children that are alive today because the heartbeat bill was put into effect for 11 weeks. And let me just make a final comment about all this, and that is, laws are fences. That’s what they are.


They are just restrainers against the evil. We know that laws don’t zero out immoral behavior. They don’t. What they do is they put limits on them and they allow for punishment. When those laws are violated, that’s all they do. And so whether it’s a ban at six weeks or a ban at conception or what have you, those laws are put into place to build a fence around the evil. They don’t zero it out as long as we’re sinners and we are right, we’re going to sin, we’re going to make decisions that are contrary to the law of God. They never zero out the behavior. They’re simply a restrainer. And that’s what the Ohio Heartbeat Bill did. Now, our goal here in the state of Ohio eventually is to get to a place where we can ban abortion altogether. But right now, we’re playing defense friends, and we need your help.


We’re trying to defeat issue one, which is on the ballot here in November. And that issue one would expand abortion up to the very moment of birth, unlimited unrestricted abortion through all nine months of pregnancy through all stages of pregnancy here in the state, wiping out all the pro-life pieces of legislation that have been in effect for decades too. And so not only will it wipe out those laws, but parental rights when it comes to abortion will be eliminated. It’ll be a wholesale slot of unborn babies. We’re going to see the numbers increase. We will be become California on abortion and unfortunately, set a precedent for the rest of the country that the pro-abortion people will be emboldened to take this elsewhere. So we’ve got it defeated here, and you can get involved friends by going to create it one. And you can volunteer to go door to door or phone bank, or you can send us money to keep that ad on the air, the ad, the abortion survivor, Claire Caldwell, by going to create We’ll see you next time. God bless you. God bless America, and remember America good. Bless God.

Narrator (25:32):

You’ve been listening to Mark Harrington, your radio activist. For more information on how to make a difference for the cause of life, liberty and justice, go to created To follow mark, go to Mark Harrington Be sure to tune in next time for your marching orders in the culture war.