The Moral Revolution at Light Speed: How Bernie, Buttigieg, and progressive left are destroying America

The Moral Revolution at Light Speed: How Bernie, Buttigieg, and progressive left are destroying America | The Mark Harrington Show | 2-14-20

On today’s show, Mark discusses the rise of Mayor Pete and Senator Bernie Sanders as frontrunners for the Democrat nomination for president. Mark points to their candidacies as an indication of how quickly we are losing our culture.

Mark takes on Mayor Pete’s use of scripture defending late-term abortion. Buttigieg says that life begins at first breath. What the Mayor doesn’t understand is any human God creates directly out of dirt (Adam) isn’t alive until he breathes air directly through their lungs.

Hey Pete, “Did you begin that way?”

In defending infanticide and abortion, Buttigieg begs the question. He assumes the preborn are not persons by comparing abortion to any other elective medical procedure.

• Pete Buttigieg Explains Why He’s Pro-Choice:

Additionally, Mark shares a tragic case in Ohio where a couple was indicted on charges that they allegedly terminated the mother’s pregnancy by taking medication they ordered from India, after which they hid the baby’s corpse in a shoebox. They have both been indicted on one count each of involuntary manslaughter, child endangering, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

Mark said, “Why is this case any different from parents taking the abortion pill regimen (mifepristone and misoprostol) prescribed by the abortion mill and the mother delivering her dead child in a toilet? If this couple would have gone to the abortion center to kill their baby, the death of their son would not be a story and they would not be in jail. Abortions at 28 weeks happen every day.”

Abortion pills can be easily ordered online in a matter of minutes by anyone for as cheap as $90. Abortion supporters readily promote unregulated online pharmacies that sell and ship dangerous abortion drugs to women across the world, even in countries where abortion is illegal. Most of these websites have no physician oversight. The only physician-ran website that the pro-abortion group “Plan C” promotes is in direct violation of the authority of the FDA.

• Ohio couple accused of terminating pregnancy, killing baby:

In the “What Mark Likes” segment, Mark reviews the new documentary
Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

• Watch the trailer HERE:

Clarence Thomas’ story is a powerful testimony of courage and strength under pressure. From growing up poor and fatherless to the SCOTUS, his life’s story demonstrates what is good about America.

The confirmation process from nearly three decades ago reminds us of the recent Kavanaugh confirmation process, in which a woman came forth in each case to smear the nominee. Same MO.

Very little has changed in 30 years. Dems use similar smear tactics back then that they are using today. However, today they are even more egregious and harmful to our democracy.

The left doesn’t allow dissent. If you step out of line from liberal orthodoxy you will be punished.

But through it all, Clarence Thomas prevailed.

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