Them Before Us: How to Prevent Children from Becoming Commodities – Katy Faust

Laws around parenthood are rapidly changing. Mothers and fathers are now considered legally optional, and biology is being replaced by “intent” to parent.


Functionally, that makes children commodities to be cut and pasted into any/every adult relationship. Unlike adoption, which seeks to protect children by requiring adults to undergo vetting and screening prior to placement, new parenthood laws award children to whichever adult has the money and means to acquire them. And that is an injustice that puts both individual children, as well as all of society, at risk.


On today’s episode, Mark talks with Katy Faust, Founder and Director of Them Before Us. Katy is married to a pastor and is a mother of four children, the youngest of whom is adopted from China.


From Katy’s book entitled, Them Before Us, we will discuss the rights of child.


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