Thriving in a Cutthroat Culture

Christians need to be living with the end in mind. We need to be driven by purpose. We need to be people on a mission.  

Years ago, God gave me a vision for my life. I wrote:

“If, at the end of my life, I do not see a long line of young apologists I have equipped behind me, I will have failed.”

I wasn’t raised a Christian. Instead, I was an evangelist for the dark side. I lived for myself, that is, until I got into trouble. At age 28, two things happened to me.

  • I was radically rescued by Jesus.
  • I was radically rescued for ministry by my wife.

Early in my marriage, my wife, Paula, volunteered at a local PRC. Providentially, that was the first time I ever saw an abortion victim image. To this day, that moment is etched permanently in my mind. It changed my life forever.  I knew that fighting abortion would be my life’s mission. So, I set out to be a full-time pro-life activist. Soon after that, I quit my job and began to raise support as a missionary. And the rest, as they say, is history!

On today’s program, I discuss the mission of Created Equal and how my life experience is an encouragement to both newcomers and seasoned activists alike.

As we look to 2022, I hope this episode will help you find new enthusiasm and determination in fighting the culture war.

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