Training Christians to think and live with a biblical worldview: Interview with Bill Jack | The Mark Harrington Show | 4-20-21

What are the top four problems facing the Christian community? On today’s episode, Bill Jack, one of the founders of Worldview Academy, will provide the answers.

Worldview Academy was founded in 1996. Twenty-four years and over 42,000 students later, Worldview Academy’s mission is still the same: to train Christians to think and live in accord with a biblical worldview.

Christian parents are losing their children to the world in record numbers. Most Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennials now consider themselves religious nones – having no church affiliation. The trend is alarming. A Gallup poll showed that Americans’ membership in houses of worship is declining, rapidly dropping below 50% for the first time in Gallup’s eight-decade trend. America is becoming more secular and following the trends of western Europe and the UK.

See Gallup poll HERE:

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