unHinged: The Rise of Pro-Choice Extremism | The Mark Harrington Show | 5-8-19

Pro-life speech rights are under attack on college campuses across America. Recently, a pro-abortion activist assaulted one of our team members. Footage of the outburst at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC) begins with a woman asking our team, “Did you put these [signs] up?” When they respond affirmatively, she proceeds to punch and kick a member of our team.

WATCH THE ATTACK FOOTAGE HERE: https://bit.ly/2H24r94

Mark interviews, Austin Beigel, the 22-year-old intern for Created Equal who was attacked at UNC. Also, at the same campus later in the week an abortion advocate was arrested for stealing some of our signs.

The right to freely speak one’s mind is one of the CORNERSTONES of our republic and one that many Americans shed their blood to protect. We will not let ABORTION BULLIES win. Our veterans and progeny deserve nothing less.

Also, Mark discusses the harassment of a female sidewalk counselor by homosexual State Representative Brian Sims. In response, A protest against pro-abortion bullying, and violence is being held on Friday, May 10 at the Philadelphia Planned Parenthood.

Get protest information here: https://bit.ly/2LD9xOO

Call Speaker Mike Turzai at (412) 369-2230 and minority leader Frank Dermody at (724) 274-4770 ask for a public reprimand of Brian Sims and require him to make a personal apology to the women he harassed.

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